Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Baby Dreams

Last night I had the coolest baby dream I've had so far in pregnancy. In my sleep she was probably really kicking and moving around, but instead of waking up, I dreamed that when she kicked I could see the outline of her foot... not so much as a foot stretched through my skin (like aliens haha), but more that my belly was transparent, and backlit so I could see the sole of her foot when she pressed it against my belly. Then from there, my whole stomach became lit up like a plug-in, light-up globe, and I could see inside and see her smiling face, her head with sweet soft hair (golden brown/dark blond), and was watching her arms and legs move. All of a sudden, while I'm watching her, Jason is there with me in my dream and he reaches over to feel my belly and instantly he is holding her - outside of my stomach, and she's laying on my chest now, and all I can think to say is, "Watch out for her cord!" while the three of us laugh and smile at each other totally in awe.

It was a pretty magical moment, and super sweet, loving dream staring the lil pumpkin. That being said, she has been kicking and moving extra strongly these past few days. Really wriggling around in there, and dancing all around. Interestingly enough she was fairly quiet during our week with guests, and at our party. I thought for sure I would have plenty of opportunities to grab Pam's hand to have her feel her moves, or at least share her kicks with someone during the party, but perhaps she's a little shy around so many new people and sounds. When Sara and I went to Barton Springs though, after our dip she was really moving and Sara got to feel her on our walk back to the car. Perhaps she was just happy that mama's was happy, had a great party, and refreshing dip in the springs! Finally no stresses in body or mind!

Luckily its Jason's birthday this weekend, because we have so much left over cheesecake, there is no way I can finish it all to myself. So birthday party cake for J! Still not sure what we'll do, but at least I know we'll have something to put his candles in. Speaking of candles, I also ran out of thank yous and need to pick up some more so I can finish writing all of my cards to our awesome, generous, beautiful friends and family. There are also some more classes at the birth center that I want to be sure to sign up for before time runs away from me: cloth diapering, breastfeeding (which they also wrap into a centering session), "new trends" which goes into the Bradley Method, hypno birth, and other relaxation techniques (its a four part class over four weeks), and also their "birth in a nutshell" class that is on a saturday and I'm hoping Jason can go to it with me.

I've been enjoying my nights home from work, after feeding the dogs, taking myself up to Jocelyn's room and reading to her in my belly before Jason gets home from work. All the wonderful books from our shower are really a great literary treat for our girl. I hadn't read Fox in Socks out  loud in years, and I was really having fun with all the tongue twisters. Next up I think its going to be The Cat in the Hat, and probably also One Fish Two Fish. Such classics! I love reading to her. Tonight though, off to Yoga first! Can't wait for that either.

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