Monday, July 1, 2013

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It's official. All of my button-down work shirts are now summer "cardigans." None of them, with the except of maybe 2 extra loose/airy ones button all the way down, and soon enough my belly will out grow those as well. I've also outgrown the larger bras I bought, and still have a ways to go. Kind of amazing actually, how the body changes. Its a lot of fun watching my shape change and grow to accommodate my lil pumpkin in there, and prepare to feed her with my own body. Also kind of annoying for someone who doesn't like to shop for underwear haha. If I didn't have to work or leave my house daily, I would just live in mumus, or be a closet nudist this whole time. Especially with this heat lately. See what we had last week:

Luckily after my several hippy, sweaty, pregnant, interpretive rain dances, we actually got some rain early sunday morning/saturday night, and a "cold" front bringing the beginning of this week down to low 90s! Which is actually a nice, cool, relief! 80s tonight, feels so heavenly. Let's hope it lasts.

 My hair and nails are growing like crazy as well as everything else. I chop my nails down to the shortest stubs possible every weekend, and by the time the next sunday comes around this is what they get up to: Also pretty amazing, too bad I hate having long nails because this is a girlee-girl's dream! I'm loving my long hair though!

Call it, "nesting" or what you will, but considering Jason and I have done all our own home projects (even before baby), I think this extra shot of energy after my long work weeks to get more done around our place is really just my drive to well, get as much done as possible before we will be taking care of a new life every minute of our very near future! We have definitely kicked our projects up a notch in time not only for all our guests for our shower, but for baby's arrival. I have always been a planner, and I really like the idea of not having such a major, "TO DO" list constantly hanging over us, when we will no doubt no longer have any free time to do whatever we want... at least until we figure everything out as new parents. Even then, I know that everything will be completely different.

I've mentioned Jason's work on Jocelyn's bamboo floors, and here's the pic I took as soon as he finished them. So much of an improvement over the old carpet that was in this room when we bought the place. Awesome job Papa J! (He did this on Father's Day).

And though this was the first floor in our house that we didn't do together (Jason didn't want me operating the heavy machinery or lifting boards or using the power tools, for safety and for my back)... I was able to finally tackle this lil project of new vinyl tiles for our guest bath (no heavy lifting- Jason took out and put the toilet back in for me, no power tools, or saw dust)- also a much better improvement from the CARPETS that were in this bathroom (which I immediately ripped out when we moved in, but it had been unfinished and ugly ever since):

Just this last weekend, I felt like I wanted another project, so I decided to put some vinyl laminate down for our guest room, and knocked this project right out of the ball park. Since they came in long strips, it was really fast, and aside from Jason's help on pulling out a few of the stubborn floor trim pieces, I did it all on my own. As the box advertises, this really was "the easiest floor" I've ever put in. Its not as nice as the bamboo, but its a major improvement, and was a project I could do in a weekend.

While I was doing the guest floors, Jason put together our new baby rocking chair from our registry, thanks to Grandma Jill! Nothing like a hard day's weekend work. So blessed, so happy, and blissfully tired. Jocelyn's room is coming together, along with the rest of our work-in-progress house, and her room especially is really starting to feel more and more like someone's room, not just an empty space where our visiting guests sleep. When Jason finished the floors in here, he told me that the whole time he was working he was thinking, "My baby girl is going to grow up in here. This is her room." What the word for feeling nostalgic for the future? Is there a word for that? Either way, Awesome papa points!

I'm still drinking my daily, morning Kale, Hemp Protein, Chia seed, Flax, berry smoothies,  and feeling great with my healthy, clean, vegan, nutritious diet and lifestyle - but I will admit, that I did have my first "junk food" craving this week, and went out and bought a coconut vegan donut from Whole Foods on my lunch break. I was surprised how incredibly delicious it was! It did make me feel a little spacey later in the day though, so definitely not going to eat another one anytime soon, but I wanted to share that I am human! I'm a pregnant woman who also likes sweets (sometimes).

I will say, I feel so much better and more energized though after one of my smoothies. I mean, who needs donuts when you have THIS: The morning my smoothie decided to be tie-dyed, yum!

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