Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Words of Wisdom Looking to the Future

Today's Status Update From the Wendy Davis for Governor of Texas Facebook Page:

"Let us step back and think clearly about where we now stand on this issue.
The anti-choice bill that was approved in committee tonight will now move to the full Texas House of Representatives, where it is likely to be approved as well. It then must move to the Texas Senate to be approved, also a likely outcome, although our champions in the Senate will not make that easy for the anti-choicers.
The anti-choice bills (there are two) then must be signed by Governor Perry.

Even that event, however, will NOT end this battle! The new laws will immediately be challenged in court, launching a drawn-out battle, which will keep the laws from being implemented - possibly long enough for us to ELECT WENDY DAVIS GOVERNOR OF TEXAS!

In other words, this is NO TIME FOR DISCOURAGEMENT! The cause is just, the fight continues, and the people are ready for the long journey ahead.


As upsetting as it is to see that this bill was approved, I am unfortunately not surprised. I really like that this status that posted immediately after the Bill's approval says, "this is No Time for Discouragement" because I think that is my generation's largest obstacle - getting discouraged by the systems that control and oppress us, the intermingling of our country's government with basic human rights (sex, race, religion, sexual orientation etc), health, schools, economy, etc. etc. Still, there is always room for hope and possibility, and a positive outlook for the future. Its so important to focus on what we want, how we want to improve, what changes we want to see and visualize them happening. Get active, get passionate, do what you can, even if that is just keeping yourself informed. Speak up, speak out. 

For me, what keeps me going is staying as positive and informed as possible. Staying positive is so important, ESPECIALLY when things are not going the way you want them to. I mean this for how things are going in politics right now, and also the larger picture for life in general, also all the way down to your own, single life. 

There is way too much negativity in the world, and it takes so much more energy to be negative. Being around negative people, and talking to negative people who focus on complaining, and their have-nots, and their general feeling of entitlement to never experience hardships or struggle is completely draining. I've said it before, and I will say it again, everyone has their own issues, everyone has their own hardships, everyone living on this planet is faced with loss, struggle, and unfortunately circumstances that may seem "unfair." But the people who actually make you feel GOOD to be around, the people who you can talk to without feeling like your life force is being zapped dry, the people who can even lift you up just by being around them - those people do not struggle any less than the negative folks. In my experience, these are the people who have actually faced MORE hardships and yet they CHOOSE to see the world in a way that focuses on the positives. 

These are the people who appreciate the good that surrounds them, feels joy for others when others experience success, and who live happy lives not because they aren't faced with sadness, and hardship, but because they choose to be happy. They are not people who dwell on the misfortunes, or jealousy. They do not feel the need to bring other people down, but genuinely want to see others happy too, because its so much easier to celebrate and be joyful for others than to waste energy tearing other people down, or comparing inadequacies. Not only do these people celebrate other's joy, but they are not ashamed of their own joys. They choose to be happy, and know that their happiness is important. This is the kind of person I want and strive to be, and the kind of people that I want to associate with and be around. If not throughout my life, especially now that I'm bringing a new, very impressionable, little one, into this world.

Regardless of how bad things can get or can be, there is ALWAYS something good to be thankful for. ALWAYS. This also relates to the idea of focusing a positive outlook on birthing and laboring. I know I can't control everything, but what I can control is my attitude and outlook on life and what life brings us. We as individuals are the only ones who can control and change our minds, emotions, and our perspectives on the world around us. Its amazing how a little shift in attitude can change everything.

Are you unhappy? If you are in your life, don't blame anyone else. Do what you need to do to feel better. Whether that's leaving a job (I've been there - no matter how scary that can be its worth it for your happiness), disassociating with negative people (distance yourself from people who bring you down, the 5 people you spend the most time with are a reflection of the person you are - is this who you want to be?), and/or getting up, getting out and doing what you love (activism, something athletic, artistic, reading, whatever you love). Your happiness is your own to control. Who wouldn't want to be happy? Go for it! No excuses. If you are not happy, there is no one to blame but yourself, and lucky for everyone, we all have the power to change our attitudes.

Life is an amazing gift, and I'm learning and feeling this more and more the closer I become to being a mom. I'm also learning that I don't have all of the answers, but I'm okay with that. Its a journey, and one that is worth every damn second. Let's enjoy this life to the fullest! Full steam ahead folks, with love to you all. xoxox

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