Friday, July 5, 2013

Stars and Stripes

I hope everyone enjoyed their fourth! Jason ended up getting called to Dallas to fix a server the night of the 3rd, and had to work around the  clock over there until the early hours of the next day, bringing him home sleepy-eyed and somewhat delirious on the 4th. After a restless night myself, with premature fireworks freaking out  Holden (Zombie could care less), we both decided to put away our to do list and just do absolutely nothing. Which we both needed and felt so great! I didn't paint my belly with stars and stripes (I guess I will just have to forego the pregnant holiday painting thing this time around), and we were both so thankful to have the day off to be with each other and our animals, even though we both are working today. The one upside of working today, is that no one else seems to be so the roads were all pretty much traffic free! Nothing like cutting my morning commute down from 45 minutes, to 15!

Though perhaps a bit crude, I did however celebrate with some red, white and blew. I think this is normal, at least from what I've gathered in my reading, but lately whenever I blow my nose my snot's bloody. I've never had a full on bloody nose my whole life, which I can imagine is 10x worse. But its still weird and nasty to me, that my nose is basically constantly bleeding. I've also experienced now a couple times, "seeing stars" or rather white patches/blind spots which I've had happen to me on and off since I was 12. When I first told my mom when it happened the first time almost 2 decades ago, she told me I was probably anemic and to take iron supplements. I did that for a while and it seemed to go away. Later in high school this would happen again, occasionally, out of the blue, and only temporarily- probably lasting up to an hour tops, then go away followed by a strong  headache. I read then, that this is what a migraine is. But I still went ahead and made sure I was getting all the nutrition I needed to be sure I wasn't anemic.

This hasn't happened since college, and even though I'm drinking my super food smoothies every morning, and taking all my supplements, I'm going to add iron into my regimen and bring it up with my midwife when I go in with Jason for my centering appointment next week. It doesn't make me feel faint, and it doesn't hurt (though the headache afterwards can sometimes really be strong). Its mostly just annoying because with the blind spot it makes me unable to read, write, or look at anything without getting frustrated. Basically all I can do is wait it out, by laying down or meditating.

Anyway, I'm not that worried about it, and I'll find out more what my caregiver says on Thursday. Being away from Mendocino on the fourth always makes me a little homesick. Those hippies back in Nor Cal really know how to put on a parade! Seaweed fashion show floats, lots of peace signs and liberal, political floats, animals, and art, not to mention so many old friends from childhood that are now all grown up and  come back to visit just for that time of year. Missing everyone as usual, but also so happy that we were able to have an uneventful fourth this year, at home.


  1. Eat some raisins! And ask your midwives! So sorry you have been having the attacks again. As for the Mendo 4th, it was a really great parade this year, extra long and hilarious entries. Our favorite was a giant dog statue on a flatbed that lifted its hind leg and shot water out into the crowd! Haha! Bella was sitting right in the front row and got nailed and laughed her head off!

  2. Web MD says its either anemia or migraines, and I will definitely ask my midwives next week. I also ordered some vegan iron supplements to add to my vitamin regimen, just in case. I'll let you know. Hahaha! Pissing dog float, of COURSE! I also saw pics a couple people shared with me of a long chain of teddy bears in radio flyer wagons being pulled by a guy in Tie-dye! HAHA Oh mendo, keeping it weird! I love it! Miss you guys xoxo