Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Memory Games

Throughout the day I give myself small memory games, usually sequences of numbers that I have to memorize, and then try to remember several hours later or sometimes the next morning. I've gotten a lot better at it, and think that it helps increase my overall memory skills. Whether or not that's true, with my overactive mind, its at least a fun game I challenge myself with.

And I'm saying this at all, because I have SO MUCH to remember this week. I'm probably already forgetting something. 5587903

  • Call pharmacy to see when Dog's heartgard Rx is ready, if not ready this week, go to vet's and pick some up from them
  • Fast on Wednesday night - blood draw early Thursday, remember no food Wednesday after work!
  • Which leads to remembering to go to the birth center at 8:30 Thursday to get said blood draw.
  • Buy snacks for our centering meeting (this week is my turn)
  • Pick up baby shower cheesecakes on Friday
  • and also do at least one small thing each night after work to clean house in preparation for our party this weekend.

I'm feeling a bit more tired than usual, especially now, during my long week at work, to make up for the lost time at my appointment. At least this week I'm not ALSO making up time for leaving for Jury Duty, so only a few 10 hour days with no break, rather than 4. I don't mind my usual 10 hour days, but having a break in there somewhere makes it so much easier to get through. It's all good though, i'm grateful for my job!

And so incredibly grateful for Yoga on Tuesday Nights! Its my absolute savior during the long work weeks, and with my body getting more and more uncomfortable, yoga is my favorite. I feel sort of bad for going tonight, since we have a house guest visiting from California, (so, so, SO, stoked Grandma Pam is here, and that we can spend more time with her), and with Jason's long hours he won't be home until later as well, but I will be much more fun to be around after yoga - for everyone haha, including me - in my body. I have to take  extra special care of my body, especially right now, so I hope everyone understands. I guess I'm already starting to be a mama, Jocelyn comes first!


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