Monday, July 29, 2013

Mellow Monday

Another start to a beautiful week, and another Monday workday under my belt (or rather under my stretchy maternity waistbands). Coming into this new week feeling so much love and happiness from all our fun this weekend, and also a little bit more sleepy than usual. Pam flew back last night, and Sara just left this afternoon after we met up for lunch downtown at Beets. So great to see them, and Kristin and Jody who drove over from Dallas, and of course all of our awesome Austin buddies. I had such a great time this weekend, and am now looking forward to all the adventures that are up just ahead as we sail closer to our due date.

Yesterday Sara and I went to Barton Springs and had a summer vacation experience swimming and soaking in some of the sunshine under some big fluffy Texas clouds. We even got a little bit of a slight shower, and it was nice to have some cooler weather (mid 90s). I love Barton Springs, it has such a refreshing, rejuvenating, and healing feeling. Whenever I swim there I immediately feel better and cleansed. Perfect after party date! We also ran into goddess mama Chenoh on our way out, :) Which was a nice surprise. After swimming we went to sweet ritual (the vegan ice cream parlor), and I didn't get ice cream (in case I had GD, which I don't! yay!), but did have a bite of Sara's vegan salted caramel, and vegan oreo scoops. Sweet Ritual, is the best! I ordered a Kale, Apple, Spinach, Peach juice and ate a mini Kale salad, which were also so delicious. This Jocelyn girl sure loves her Kale! Almost as much as Holden :) After that we were still hungry so went to eat at Bouldin Creek, and brought Jason home some food too.

I feel so relieved about my GD results, I was absolutely sure that I would "fail" *cough* or rather "not pass" and though I do know that if my test "didn't pass" there wouldn't be too much that I would need to be concerned about, I just am happy that I don't have to regularly do the finger prick thing to constantly monitor my blood sugar, and have something to obsess over which I most likely would. Another hurdle cleared.

I'm so looking forward to yoga tomorrow after work, and also to writing all of my thank yous to send out. Here's to a mellow Monday night, and settling back into the groove of our low-key, quiet house hold (aside from the occasional loud puppy play barks).

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