Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Blues

Its been a rough couple of weeks, but today I'm finally starting to feel like i'm on my way to getting better. Being 32 weeks pregnant with the flu from H-E-double-hockey-sticks is no picnic in the park. Joss got it first and it took her out of school for a whole week, She had a fever spike on day 3 up to 103. We took her to the Dr and it wasn't strep or anything that needed meds, just lots of steam, humidifier, and rest. It took her just over a week to completely get over it and still has a runny nose (two weeks later), but glad she's been back to school this week.

I caught what she had last Wednesday (halfway through her first week), and like her it started with the first three days low fever, 99, and on my third day fever spiked just under 101. but after that, I got the worst sore throat I've had in years. I couldn't talk at all for three days, and couldn't sleep because it hurt to breathe or even swallow. I had the humidifier on full blast all night by my bed, but mixed with the pregnancy discomforts really haven't slept the last three nights. By 4:30am I give up completely and just get out of bed to make Jocelyn's lunch for school, and try to get her things ready for the day. Today I still don't have much of a voice, but its my first day where I can take a sip of tea, soup, or even a little solid food like oatmeal and not cringe in pain while trying to swallow. The worst! Being pregnant and just wanting to sleep and eat because I'm so tired and so hungry, and having a really painful time trying to do either one. Today I was able to get a little nap in which also helped a lot. Hoping that by tomorrow I'll be even better.

Because of all this, we had to skip going to the trail of lights last night, which has been our annual family holiday tradition. Really sad we couldn't make it, but I found another family to give our tickets to from my birth center community so at least the $65 passes didn't just go to waste (glad I could give them to someone to use at least! and they said they had fun, it was their first year going with their little baby). I also had to skip going to centering yesterday for our 7th session and my belly check. I haven't been able to call to schedule a one-on-one appointment without a voice, so hopefully tomorrow I can call to schedule a make up appointment next week. Our 8th centering session is the first week of January, so that's coming up soon, but I need to get a check up before then. So far Jackson's been just as active as usual and nothing unusual pregnancy-wise has been going on, but I've never been sick while pregnant so I want to be sure to get checked out and make sure everything's okay. The worst part is that I can't take any medications, so its been more painful than if I wasn't pregnant, though lots of lemon/honee/ginger in hot water, throat coat tea, pho soup, udon homemade ramen, elderberry syrup, and raw garlic. Lots of cough drops, and chloroseptic spray at night. Steam showers and humidifier.

Also had to skip Saturday's yoga, which has been the only class I've been able to make it to during the week, and the next two Saturdays are cancelled for Xmas and then New Years respectively, so that means no yoga for four weeks. My lower back has been starting to act up again, I need to do a home video in the meantime, because going without for that long is pretty hard on my body, especially my back. I honestly don't know how anyone can go through pregnancy without yoga. It makes everything feel so much better and stronger... Hopefully I feel up to it tomorrow and get my lower back pains managed again.

Christmas is so soon! I'm happy that it looks like I should be better by then. And that Jason seems to be skipping getting what we've had (knock on wood he doesn't get it at all). Also though its not the trail of lights, there is a drive-through light show (tunnel of lights) a bit north of Austin that I think Jason will take Joss and I through Friday after work, so that should be fun for us and for Joss. And we will be in the comfort of our warm car and not need to deal with the crowds, parking, and all the walking out in the cold - because, YES its been so so cold!!! in the 20s and 30s. Which honestly I've been loving. Just a couple more months before I get to meet Jackson, can't wait to hold him. And my mom bought her tickets out here, so she will be here early Feb and stay with us through Jocelyn's spring break which will help so much in so many ways. Now Jax just has to wait to come until after she arrives :) So far so good.

Monday, December 12, 2016

30 Weeks

30 Weeks pregnant! 3/4 of the way through pregnancy, I keep saying and its still so true, the second time goes by so much faster. Centering last week included belly checks and everything is in the right place (as Thom Yorke would say). Baby is growing, strong and doing just what he should be doing. Feeling good, but getting tired again, and most nights in bed by 8:30 (or earlier).

This weekend Jason's office had an end of year celebration party, with all of his close 300-400 Austin co-workers. Its such a different experience to work for/with a large international company. Jason and I both have previous experience primarily with small businesses, and there is a lot of great experience that we've both gained, but the perks of working for a large successful business, with budgets and strict adherence to HR policies to take care of employees is also such a breath of fresh air. We are so grateful for this year that he's been with Forcepoint, and look forward to the years ahead of being a part of the Forcepoint family. It was nice to have a date night too, and Jocelyn had fun with Mary our house/dog/baby sitter extraordinaire.

One of the fun things that the party had was a "flipbook" photo booth. Here I am at 30 weeks, with Papa J. Such a fun idea, and they printed a flipbook for us to take home, which we gave to Joss and she loves flipping the pages. Here's the video I took of flipping through the pages of the paperbook...

So let's get real a second... today, for the first time in either of my pregnancies (or postpartum for Joss) I peed my pants. I know this is super common, but it was a bit startling. I didn't think I had to pee, but sat down on the couch, and peed a little bit. HAHA. Not to go through my jeans, but it made me run to the bathroom to make sure that my water wasn't breaking. nope just a tiny bit of pee. WTF. Oh well, here's to motherhood!

Also, yesterday Joss and I went to a vegan families of Austin vegan cookie exchange party and brought home a huge tray of wonderfully beautiful and delicious vegan treats. From sugar cookies, to oatmeal, chocolate peppermint, brownies, shortbread, lemon drops, pumpkin spice bread, chai spice snickerdoodles, gingersnaps, chocolate chip, and more. So grateful for the vegan community here! It was a lot of fun, and we also participated in a free kids yoga class that was happening where we were at Casa de Luz. A lot of great food there too, and a huge playground that i never noticed was there before (I hadn't gone since before Joss, but will definitely be going back not just for all the delicious vegan super healthy farm fresh hippy food, but for the kids to run around).

Keryn was there with her two boys, and she gave us another HUGE box of stuff for Jackson that her kiddos have outgrown. So we are now set up to about 6 months - at least according to the clothing sizes. Like she said, I have big babies, so who knows how long they will last me, but either way we are more than set for the first several months of Jax's life and then some with a steady stream of hand me downs continuing on their way. So incredibly grateful.

I sent out the baby shower/my birthday party evites, just about 10 people, keeping it small and fun this year and decided that Joss would have more fun with other kiddos, so we will set up the onesie decorating stations for kids to participate as an activity, and do a thumb-print canvas for Jackson's keepsake with all the friends that join us. Low key fun times. Invited neighbors with kiddos, and my mom friends and a couple more people. Just a couple hours, nothing too fancy, but will be fun! Hopefully Jackson isn't born before Jan 15th! HAHA.

Looking forward to trail of lights with Joss and Jason next week, such a fun magical time, regardless of traffic, and parking, and huge crowds, we had a lot of fun last year with my mom here with us, and It will be good to get out and walk around. Definitely bringing the stroller for Joss and to carry anything extra that we don't want to carry. Maybe this year Joss will want a picture with Santa, but maybe not, and that's okay, usually its a long line anyway. We did the Zip pass again this year, so we have access to nice bathrooms and the lounge area with free cocoa, not sure if they have soy milk but won't hurt to ask. Filling up on all the holiday joy and magic, concentrating on all the positives, love, and kindness. There is a lot to complain about, but building strong happy memories, strong friendships and community is the best I can do right now, and we are lucky to have the ability to do both, in good health and spirits.

Also, our holiday/Xmas cards are all sent! People are starting to message me thanking me for the cute pic of Angelic Joss, I'm wondering if any of them have seen the secret message inside the envelope about Baby Jackson... either way, whether or not you can see him yet (just like he is now tucked away in my belly), he's in our family card this year too tucked away in our envelopes! Love you Jax! <3

Monday, December 5, 2016

I passed my Glucose Test!

I am so so happy that I passed my glucose test! After all the waiting, it is such a relief that I will not need to worry about avoiding all of the occasional holiday sweets and treats that I like to indulge a little in this time of year. Not only that, but the 3 blood draws also test my iron levels, all of which were perfect! Vegan pregnancy strong for the win! (Its all about the kale).

Jocelyn has been having fun with her vegan advent calendar each morning, finding the next little window to open up and seeing what fun shape is printed on the chocolate, while we sit together next to our lit christmas tree.

Jackson is now roughly 3lbs, and heading into these last several weeks will start to really grow and grow! I haven't been to yoga in a while, the 7:30pm class time is so hard to get to now that it gets dark so early and my bedtime has been around 8:30 or 9. Saturdays classes should pick up again, but this weekend we had a birthday party and before that was Thanksgiving weekend so we had our own plans. I know that I need to stay active as much as I can these last months, it helps so much with everything leading up to birth and during labor.

Tomorrow we have centering, and Jason is coming to this class again as we continue our discussions with labor. Feeling really good right now, though getting tired again. Most of my fears have dissolved regarding birth, backup plans are set if baby decides to come before my mom flies out, passing the glucose test was such a mental relief, baby is moving and happy. We're all just so looking forward to meeting the sweet guy.

Jocelyn this morning came into my room to wake me up, and climbed into bed and asked for a big hug. She said, "I love you so much mommy!" and then hugged my belly and said, "I love you so much Jackson, you are so so sweet! I love our baby." What a wonderful way to wake up. She's already such a loving wonderful big sister.