Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"American Way of Birth, Costliest in the World," From the New York Times

Today my aunt sent me this article, "American Way of Birth, Costiliest in the World," from the New York Times.

This article sheds light on the grim fact that health (for women and babies) is not the primary goal of the United States' medical industry, but rather profit. Even for established professionals, with insurance, the costs can still be outrageously high, and yet the rate of infant and maternal death is not reduced by these high prices. The standards of practice are in fact less with more and more emphasis on time management, itemizing costs, and choosing knife over nature. With the American high cost of birth also comes one of the highest infant and maternal death rates for a developed country. Here are some stats from the article, but I highly recommend reading it top to bottom.

With every thing going down in the Capital here today, it makes me want to scream. If Rick Perry wants to eliminate access to abortions in this state along with the rest of the Republican Texas Senate, that means they want to provide medical and maternity care for all these mothers and babies, right? If only it truly were about women's health and safety. OUR BODIES. OUR CHOICE.

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