Monday, July 8, 2013

Day Dreaming of Holdies

Yesterday we got some more rain! Followed by some drizzles today as well. I hope this keeps up, we sure do need it, though with all these 100 degree days, seems to all evaporate shortly after a downpour anyway. Still, better than nothing!

Yesterday, with some of the perfect rainy, hot summer weather, I finished my first baby blanket. I croqueted just a simple double-stitch, striped with light and dark blue- with left over yarn from Holden's doggy sweater I made him last Xmas. Its a little funky around the edges, but you have to start somewhere right? Its so much fun to croquet, and I'm pretty fast at it, so I think I'll buy her some new yarn and make her another one before she's born. Maybe something yellow/gold. I always need to be doing something with my hands, even when I'm kicking back watching TV. Croquet is the best for that! Can't wait to bundle her up and hold her in these blankies! Holdies!!

Today is day one of my hell week at work, coming in early, working through lunch and staying late to  make up the hours I'll be gone for centering on Thursday - so they better not cancel this week's meeting, then make me wait an hour for a 15 minute appointment!  I also have jury duty tomorrow, so hopefully that won't take too long and I can get back to the office and get straight back to work so I don't have to make up too many of THOSE hours either (I've never had a salaried job be so OCD about time management, especially when I'm here 9-10 hours a day- when I'm not taking time out for doctors appointments - or jury duty, haha oh well, thankful for my job!). It just is the start of a hell of a week. And I happily pay my dues, and do what's asked of me without complaint, so I hope they appreciate that about me (even as pregnant as I am)!

These long work days and weeks, make going home that much sweeter. I'm also really thankful for the down time we had this last weekend. I don't do that enough, and especially now, I really need to recharge the body and mind! Sleeping has been a little bit more uncomfortable for me lately, not just with the heat, and having to wake up and pee at least twice (last night 4 times) during the night, but my increased belly weight is starting to make finding a comfortable sleeping  position more difficult. Every time I wake up, I appreciate how nice it is right now to not be waking up every 1 or 2 hours to breastfeed, so this is definitely still some "good sleep", regardless of how restless its starting to become compared to before pregnancy. At least after she's born I won't have to jump right back into work mode. Looking forward to that!!

My toe and leg cramps/charlie horses, have gone away lately, which is awesome. I've been reading more and more that these cramps are totally common in pregnancy - as my midwives also assured me, and there's not much to do about them aside from gentle stretching. Just in case, I'm drinking MORE water (as if that were possible, apparently it is), and being sure to include bananas in my daily smoothie for potassium. Along with my nightly stretching and weekly yoga.

There are Tuesday and Thursday yoga sessions at the south location after work at 7pm that I want to try to go to as well. If Jason can get home early enough to let out and feed the dogs those days, I'm gonna do it! Honestly, I loved yoga before, but being pregnant, it is a must! And really rejuvenates all my body's aches in all these transitions. I practice as much as I can at home, but usually end up with a downward dog (or two!) getting up in my business on my mat, haha. Its nice to practice with an instructor as well. I still stretch at home too, which has been helping to calm and center me. Getting closer and closer to holding my little one outside of my belly is making me more and more excited. Its what I meditate on in my practices, and envision her  healthy, happy, and prosperous. Keeping up with the Yoga after she arrives is also going to help me with lifting her and keeping my back strong and bouncing my body back to its usual shape. Not to mention the mental clarity. Yoga rules! I can feel Jocelyn doing some yoga in my belly right now! She's an active lil pumpkin!

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