Sunday, July 14, 2013

Baby Elephants

With everything going on in the News (The passed Texas abortion bill, The Treyvon Martin case verdict, in contrast to the sexist, racist verdict last May for this The FL mom who also used the Stand your Ground law, without killing anyone and was sentences to 20 years), its a complete 180 from all the pride and Joy I felt for being a Texan and an American (with Wendy Davis's Filibuster and the end of DOMA and Prop 8). It's completely disheartening, but I think that these injustices only make us want to fight more, and stand up and speak out with our disapproval. And in the meantime, I need to surround myself with love, and positive energy, and focus on the love and hope for the future, especially for Jocelyn's sake. I know I'm just one person (or rather two right now), but all I can do is live my own life with acceptance of others and their differences, with love in my heart and continue to stay informed and speak up for myself and others if I don't like something that someone says or does around me. I may not be marching down at the capital with all of the other inspirational, beautiful pro-choicers that have been honorably making their physical stand for Texas women, and I may not be marching with the peaceful protests in San Francisco in response to the Treyvon Martin Verdict, but I can and do choose to live each day to the fullest with as much kindness and compassion that I can, and hope to set the right example for my daughter by my own daily actions.

Anyway, I know this isn't a political blog, its my Baby's blog, so I'll move on from thinking about politics for now. Last night I was dreaming of baby elephants, the size of puppies. I had 8 of them in my care, and was trying to find them safe homes. It was also loosely a Halloween parade, and all my friends were dressed in Gorilla suits. Those baby elephants were so soft and sweet! So many baby dreams.

It felt so good to get back into my North Yoga sessions with Cat again! I learned that she was the one who started the whole yoga program at the Birth center, so no wonder why she's the best :) She really works us, and challenges us which I love. Its not just a bunch of breathing, talking and relaxation because we're all prenatal, but she really gets us all pushing ourselves, while of course making sure we are all listening to our bodies, and if we are uncomfortable then we can get into a modified pose or child's pose, but she let's us decide, which is so awesome! Our bodies want to work, and build up our muscles, especially with B.O.B. (baby on board). She also announced that she will be teaching at the North center Tuesday nights at 7, which is SO great! Because that means I can make that class after work, after letting out the dogs and feeding them, then just head over since its up here right by our house (instead of the south weeknight yoga classes which I haven't been able to get to). Really stoked.

Yesterday our neighbor Rima, came over and visited with me and Jason for a while and brought us a bunch of baby things. So thoughtful and kind! She told us that her daughter just had a baby 2 months ago too, and if we ever need a sitter to call her. I love our neighborly love up here! Her and her husband Ajit are both totally vegetarian (yay!), and she told us he just got certified as a yoga instructor which is awesome. Rima's a school teacher, and we found out yesterday that we both love British literature and had a few nerd-out moments together with the Canterbury Tales, Jane Austen, and Dickens. While we were visiting she said that she's heading back home to Indonesia end of the month, and asked us to keep a look out of her house, though her husband will still be there, and of course we said we would. Since she said she was leaving AFTER our shower, we invited her and Ajit to join us for some vegan treats and fun and are so excited that they will come over :)

Speaking of neighbors, our other neighbors on the other side of our house just sold their place and are moving out in the next week or so. Jason and I are really curious who will be moving in, and I'm hoping for a couple with a baby. We'll find out soon enough! We'll miss the Newkirks, they were always super friendly, and trustworthy, and like Rima, shared their delicious veggies from their garden with us. Who ever our new neighbors are, we definitely want to make them feel as welcome as the Newkirks made us feel. We also have the house directly across the street from us up for sale, and we are wondering who will move into THAT place. Lots of changes in this year to come, visualizing even brighter, happier, more joyous times ahead. Hoping for more neighborhood babies to give Jocelyn some playmates on our street. With Rima's daughter's baby (who I think stays at her house, since she has a "do not ring the doorbell, sleeping baby" sign on her front door these days), and another couple that moved in across the street a year or so ago with a new baby... I'm hopeful, Neighborhood kid friends~!

Today I'm meeting up with Chenoh and Liz to go thrifting for Baby shower supplies, and also to pick up the prizes for the shower game winners. It should be a lot of fun, yay Girl time! Though yesterday it got up to 106, and luckily with the yoga now indoors at the new addition at the birth center we all stayed cool, then the rest of the day I went to Deep Eddy with Jody and Eli and swam in the cool water which helps make this heat bearable.  Just in case we get too hot walking around and shopping, I think I'll bring my swim suit so I can go for a dip. Chenoh has a pool at her condo, so I might have to do that later today. The sun also does feel really good, I love sun bathing, but my tolerance for the heat isn't the same with B.O.B., so I think this is the first Texas summer that I'm actually not going to get to my usual super tan self. I miss my dark summer tan legs, but if I really am missing them, I might try to find a toxic-free self tanner, since I pretty much am living in shorts (or just undies at home). Honestly, I still love Texas summers, so thankful I'm not living in the victorian era before AC! This could be a lot more difficult, and besides, if I could live through all that horrible nausea, I can live through anything. I'll take baby belly and heat over 24 hour queasy any day!~

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