Saturday, July 20, 2013


Last night after work, we met up with Pam, her cousin Linda, Linda's daughter and Pam's god daughter Allison, and her partner Andrew. We ate at East Side Cafe, which totally reminded me of the Mousse Cafe back home. The restaurant is in a converted old cool house, and they also have their own huge garden that they use for most of their dishes. A small, but tasty vegan menu section too. So much fun! It was great to see Pam, who's with Linda this weekend, and Linda's visiting from Dallas for her birthday this weekend. Linda is awesome, like Pam, and I can see why Pam says Linda is her favorite cousin. Linda is a CPA, who left accounting to start a doggy daycare business and has 9 pups of her own. She is basically my future self that I am aiming to be. Really neat talking to her about accounting and also dogs! Her daughter lives here in Austin, and is a preschool (kindergarten?) teacher, and was also really nice to meet. Always good to know more Austin folks, who love kids! :)

This morning I went to my 10am yoga, and it felt so good to stretch and strengthen. Honestly, I don't know how women can make it through pregnancy without yoga, especially when they are working full time, or this heat. Its what truly keeps me feeling grounded, happy, present and comfortable in my changing body. So thankful for the yoga program at the birth center, so stoked!

After yoga, Jason and I had a busy day running all the errands that we need to run before next weekend's shower, since we'll be working all week- Jason does have Monday off, but will hopefully be able to spend the day with Pam, or just relaxing (Papa J totally deserves some R&R). Today we bought the rest of the prizes for the goodie basket game winners, the rest of the supplies for the party favors (that I'm ALMOST finished making, yay! I love my sewing machine, really starting to get the hang of it now). And we also did our usual monthly Costco run, with party supplies included. The only chore that we didn't check off our list today, was go to whole foods or central market, but we can do that later in the week, our fridge is still pretty full. J also bought all his margarita supplies, since his home brew isn't done and wont' be ready for the party he's doing those instead. I still have the photo booth accessories to make, and the clothesline to hang up with all the onsies we've received so far- and make the signs for our two small metal buckets - one for middle name suggestions, and one for guessing her weight, size, and time of day when she'll be born. Its all coming together. I can't wait to post pics of what I've made for the favors, I really think they're turning out super cute. But I'm going to wait until after the party.

Tomorrow we need to do some major house cleaning, since we will be tired after work next week and so I want to get as much done as we can this weekend while we have time off. And I need to send out another batch of thank-you cards for some more sweet baby gifts that we've received from our registry. Feeling so much love, and generating it all inward towards my Jocelyn girl. In the meantime, this tired mama is going to put her feet up after a long day, and enjoy an ice cold Topo Chico sparkling water and read on the couch with my dogs until I fall asleep. Long successful day, complete!

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