Friday, July 19, 2013

It's already Friday?

This week has been flying by. Tuesday night yoga was so GREAT! I'm so so SO happy to have this addition to my weekly routine, especially now that I'm getting closer and closer to my due date and my body is really changing and getting prepared making some things I've taken for  granted more uncomfortable to do and awkward. Loving Tuesday night flow! Also, really exciting news, AABC posted on their facebook page today, that one of the regular North center Yoga Mamas had her water break immediately after Tuesday's class, and Cat the instructor, also in her last year of training to be a midwife, took her to a birthing room and my yoga mama buddy had her beautiful, healthy baby that night! So awesome, love love love.

So, I threw up yesterday morning, it was like a time warp back to five months ago, that same nausea kicking me down to hover over a porcelain receptacle and regurgitate my morning smoothie. WTF. Luckily no nausea today, but I definitely need to keep my constant food consumption in check to keep it at bay. I think because I ate such a light, early dinner the night before, the next morning Jocelyn was pissed and said "feed me more, or you don't get food for breakfast either!" I've also noticed my boost in energy when I started to get in the flow of my 2nd trimester is dwindling, getting more tired, and more winded. Walking much slower, things are slowing down, still feel good, but man do I sleep like a rock (when I'm not getting up to pee 3 times a night, rolling over because one side gets uncomfortable or Jocelyn decides to have an inutero party and kick around at 3am). Point is, no insomnia, which some other moms have brought up in centering. After work, and everything else I do after work, I am BEAT! Out like a light.

I've started assembling the hand made party favors I'm doing for the shower, and its a good project for me to redirect my after work energy into, and create something. Though I'm a newbie with my sewing machine, so its been sort of a pain in the ass haha, but I'm figuring it out as I go, and getting to know my machine better, which in the long run is my goal anyway. Plus I'll have cute, personal items to give to our guests. I still have a lot to do and make, put together and organize, and was stressing about it a little bit last night, but Jason is the best at calming me down, and offered his help with assembling the photo booth props, and getting the rest of the shopping we have to do this weekend. Can't wait to post pics of our awesome favors, prizes, food, and photobooth!

We also received our car seat! So we need to clean our car and make sure it fits. (Thanks gramma Pam!). Our changing table also was delivered to Jason's work, so I'll need to go and pick that up, and Jason can put it together this weekend as well (thanks Aunty Kate! we love you!). Her room is coming together, just need to lay down the floor molding/trim in her room, and our guest room (maybe some of downstairs if we are feeling on a roll), and Jason is going to try to borrow our friend Jamie's truck to do that this weekend as well. Jason's home brew won't be ready in the time for the party, its still aging, so he's going to do Margaritas instead. And I'll get some virgin ones, so I can join the fun too. Yay!

Pam is in Austin, and we are so looking forward to seeing her tonight for dinner at East Side Cafe. We haven't been there yet, but there is a vegan section of their menu, and they grow a lot of their own veggies so it should be pretty good, and regardless should be fun to hang out with her in Austin, TX!!! Also looking forward to meeting Pam's God[dess] daughter Allison who also lives here in Austin, actually not too far from our place, and another one of her friends who is visiting for the weekend from Dallas. Lots of love in Austin this weekend. Fun times!

We set up our class with our dog trainers beginning of September for, "Bringing Home Baby," We've been trying to be much more strict with our personal space in preparation, and really enforce, "OFF" with the couch and our bed, and we are doing really well with it, and the pups are too. I'm looking forward to seeing what else Tara has to say about how to have a harmonious introduction with our new baby and our pups. Hard to believe September is only a little more than a month away.

 I don't go back to do my next 2-hour glucose test until my next centering appointment since its really difficult for me to take any more time away from the office. Speaking of, I'm really bummed that I won't be able to go back for my cousin's wedding that's tomorrow, but I know that it will be beautiful and full of love and adventure and Mendocino family grooviness, and am totally there 100% in spirit. I'll be back in Mendo with Jocelyn again soon enough. Its been over 2 years now since I went back to California, 2 years. I miss it.

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