Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's a Girl!!!

All the waiting and wondering is now over, at least for the gender chapter. Jason and I are having ourselves a beautiful, perfect, healthy little baby girl! The ultrasound today made me cry. So happy, and so thankful. We saw her heart beating, heard it beating, saw her spine, her brain, her hands, fingers, feet, toes, umbilical cord, face (though she's a shy one! haha), and she is already practicing her yoga. For the most part she was in "child's pose" and kind of looked like a little turtle, all curled up in a little ball in there. Haha, heroes in a half-shell, Turtle Power! We are so excited! I'll try to scan and post pics later. I was too busy laughing and crying and holding Jason's hands to take any pics of the screen with my phone.


  1. Isn't it just a miracle to see her all cozy in there? Now, what about names? xxoo

  2. We picked names pretty much as soon as we found out! Jocelyn <3 still unsure of her middle name...

  3. okkkkkkkkkk here is my idea.....hahahaha

    Jocelyn January !! little "JJ"....soooooo very excited for you both.