Friday, September 20, 2013

Why We Choose to Have No Photos of Our Baby Online

This is a really good article that goes into the philosophy why its a good idea NOT to post pics (or personal information) about your baby/kids online, like on facebook, instagram, twitter, or even blogs, etc... Jason and I have made the active choice not to post pics of our ultrasounds, and do not plan to post any baby pics. Yes this may be a challenge, knowing how cute she is going to be! And how much time we will be with her, but we prefer to keep her anonymous to the world wide web, until she is old enough to decide for herself.

This article explains part of our reasoning here, though I really don't think its necessary to name her based on domain availability and then create her online identity and keep it locked up to give her when "she's old enough." I just think it should be her right to choose her own content, and baby's do not have that capability yet. It sort of goes along the same lines that we love horror film and tv, but we are not going to have her watch it with us until she's able to decide for herself, and distinguish reality from what's not real - like monsters, and facebook pages. In the age of technology where she will grow up playing with our ipads instead of catalogs, iphones instead of rotaries, and have the ability to fast forward through commercials, her childhood is already so far detached from what we knew growing up, and maybe a bit detached from innocence itself (at least how we grew up knowing it)- and that's all without plastering her photos and personal info for all of eternity before she can consent. Kind of odd that us tech geeks would make this choice, but perhaps its because we are tech geeks that we see how it can unintentionally affect her too.

This doesn't mean we think that parents who do post their babies and kids pics are doing something "bad" or "wrong" necessarily, its just not our choice.  We will however email pics to our close friends and family (who live far across state lines), but we request that if we do send you pics of her, please do not repost them on social media. They are private, and we would like to keep her privacy. So I'm sorry for any of the let downs to any of my readers who are eagerly awaiting to see baby pics show up here on the blog, you will just have to wait to meet her in person! We are just old fashioned like that. Getting close!!

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