Saturday, August 3, 2013

Papa's Birthday

Today is Jason's birthday, and after all my reading, preparation for our own birth day, the meaning of someone's "Birthday" takes on a new level of significance. All I can think now is, vaginas! Haha. Its really incredible how we were all born, and not really something that I've ever thought about so frequently. Regardless, happy birthday Papa J!

To celebrate we're going to hide from the heat and go to our favorite movie theater that serves beer (and lemonade if your pregnant), and food (plenty of vegan options). The alamo drafthouse rules! And since it's his birthday, I'm even letting him take me to an action/comic book flick (not usually my cup of tea), and hope that I don't have to get up 123421 times to go pee throughout the show. Should be nice, and low-key and fun.

I also made him a small lavender pillow with the left over lavender from the baby shower sachets, and some nice fabric I had laying around. I also bought him some treats from my office's retail store, A skeleton pin-up shirt, some milagros and love ornaments. Happy birthday my love! Here's to many more great years ahead.

This morning yoga was so awesome! Cat really worked us with a new sun salutation flow, that felt so good, and was a really refreshing challenge. Definitely going to practice those at home (especially the push ups part) to start EVERY day right, and help gear my body up not just for labor, but for picking up and carrying a heavy baby in just a couple more months here!

Its also official, that they will be adding a Thursday night class to our north location, with a new teacher, but that will be so great to have 3 yoga classes available I can go to each week to keep myself feeling sane during the work week, and balance in my headspace, and body. Really looking forward to that. Also, Cat mentioned that they will be starting a post-natal yoga class on weekends for new mamas to come to, for fitness and strengthening post baby! YAY! So stoked on the birth center, especially for these yoga classes. In my next centering session, I need to also look into and sign up for some of the other classes like cloth diapering.

Speaking of, when Pam was here, she told me and Jason that for the first 3-4 months, she and Mike wanted to treat us to a diapering service. This isn't something that Jason or I would ever consider on our own, but as new parents, I'm sure that we will more than completely appreciate this gesture when we're just trying to figure out how to function on never ever ever sleeping again haha, and trying to remember to feed ourselves, and take care of everything else in our house and normal routines. I was looking online and found a company that seems to have a lot of options (to either provide their own diapers, or to just wash our own). I will definitely look into it a little bit more and talk to Pam again to see if she was really wanting to do that for us, or if she was just feeling spirited with her margaritas :) So, so thoughtful and generous, either way :) The Diaper Squad though, I think they're the company to go with, at least from my online research. YAY

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  1. What an awesome gift, treating you guys to a few months of diaper service! Like you said, I'm sure you'll more than appreciate it. Our theory right now is that we're going to start with washing at home, and if we just can't keep up/manage it/deal even a tiny bit, we'll sign up for a service.

    Still so excited for you!