Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dr. Joss and Zombie Walks

Yesterday my back was out of whack. I don't know if I did something in yoga, slept on it wrong, or if I am just long overdue for a chiropractic visit (as in I've never been), but it was really sore and hard to bend or sit up right. Jocelyn is such a sweet care giver, after I picked her up from school and told her about my back she went straight into Dr. Joss mode and gave me (imaginary) medicine in my mouth, ears, and eyes, took my pulse, and gave me "shots." After all was said and done she asked if I felt better to get up and play, but told her my back was really not feeling well and I needed to lay down. So she asked, "I think you need some frozen peas, some ginger (every time I've been queasy she gets me ginger lozenges), and some band aids." She put a few band aids on my back, gave me (make believe) frozen peas, and then after my treatments she said I could choose a lollipop, pink, green, or purple. I chose pink and really did feel better. She told me, "I know this hurts, but you will be better very soon mama." A few more times later in the evening before bed I said how I was taking it slow because of my back, and she told me, "but you have a bandaid, you should be fine now." :)

Looking ahead, though I'm sure there are going to be plenty of new challenges with two kiddos, I can see how her helpfulness will really come in handy. She loves and wants to help and is such a natural care-giver. In the meantime, I feel better today, my back is still kind of kinked, but I'm taking it easy, not trying to over do it and doing some gentle stretches - since I can't take anything for it. I'm hoping to make it to yoga tonight (if Jason gets home in time), and hopefully keep my lower back strong and the pain to a minimum. The change in my center of gravity, with a growing belly can disrupt my posture which is part of it, this happened last time too, but yoga resolved it pretty quickly. Here's hoping.

Also, happy September! Sadly, I've stopped taking Zombie on her morning walks, since she is so reactive around other dogs, she pulls too much and with my back the way it is, I can't risk injuring myself. I'm hoping that papa will want to walk her at night after work. I've really enjoyed that time we have together, even though we have to craftily avoid any other dog walkers we see out and have had a few close calls with loose dogs... but luckily after so much training I at least know how to handle her, and though she's far from socialized, far from perfect, and will probably always be dog-dog-reactive, she has come so far! We can walk past dogs behind fences, and she can be redirected with a voice command, its just seeing other dogs walking that sets her off. Oh Zombones, you are so well behaved and perfect in all other areas, I'm sad to say goodbye to our walks for now. I thought maybe I could keep it going, and maybe even start up again after baby was born and do baby wearing, but its just too much to handle my challenged pupster. Backyard and daddy walks will have to do.

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