Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hair, Glasses, Belly Oil

My hair has been up for the past few months, either in a bun or a braid, and now that its cooling off (barely, its still Texas) I've been wearing my hair down again and realized how long and thick it is. I love pregnancy hair! Also, as I have been hoping, my eye sight has also improved, which happens pretty commonly in pregnancy, so I've stopped wearing my glasses all day every day and pretty much only wear them when I read, drive, or am at a computer. Though maybe this is more mind over body, because I read our bank balance and panicked to Jason when I missed the first (of 4) digits on our balance, thinking we only had a few hundred $ and Jocelyn's school tuition was due today. It was nice to be wrong about that, phew! So maybe I should wear them more, but I miss the freedom of being without, so I'm trying to harness that power and retrain my eyes while all my super mama senses are in full force. Look, no glasses!

I've been using my Erbaviva oils and belly cream again, and oh my goodness they smell so decadently incredible. Here's hoping baby #2 also leads to a stretch-mark free tummy, I honestly think this stuff is why I was so lucky with my HUGE belly the first time around. This time I got the mommy essentials kit, with both the belly cream and oil (that I used last time) but for just a few bucks more also came with the back rub oil... hoping to convince papa to not let this one go to waste! ;) ;) Both oils are USDA organic, and vegan. The cream isn't fully organic, but its vegan and to me feels better in the summer months of the texas humid heat. mmmm i love this stuff.

I got the welcome email for our centering group today, and am so looking forward to our first meeting. I wonder if I'll be the only return mom, or if there are any others doing centering again. My first time around we were all first time moms.

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