Friday, September 2, 2016

Vitamin Regimen

I'm so happy I went to yoga last night. The back pains that I was having feel so much better and Sarah being the body expert that she is walked us through some lower back pain relief exercises that felt like a massage and loosened me up, almost to brand new. So happy to have those new tools in my toolbox (pelvic clock FTW!).

Today I thought I'd show my vitamin and supplement routine for healthy vegan pregnancy. Here's my daily regimen (pictured top row):
  • 1 x Rainbow Light Prenatal One
  • 1 x Vitamin Code B-Complex
  • 1 x Life's DHA Omega
  • 1 x Deva Vitamin D (2400 IU)
I wash all of these down in the morning with my daily smoothie (kale, with juice or water or vegan milk, frozen fruits and/or berries, bananas, nut butters, vegan yogurts, depending what we have), which I use a 2 +/- heaping spoonfuls of one or two of the following, depending on my mood and to switch it up day to day (pictured bottom row and top left):
  • Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Protein (Vanilla)
  • Garden of Life Raw Organic Plant Formula Protein Powder - Unflavored (no stevia!!!)
  • Organic LivFit Superfood Blend
  • Kuli Kuli Pure Moringa Vegetable Powder (organic and raw)
What I like about all of these smoothie supplements is that NONE of them contain STEVIA. I can't stand the taste of stevia and it seems to be thrown into everything these days when it comes to protein powders, smoothie supplements and more. So if you are anti Stevia like I am, save yourself the trouble of hunting down the stevia-free choices, and check these out.

I find that even with my morning sickness (today I woke up with it in full force again, uggggh) the vitamins I take are gentle enough on my stomach, but usually I also make a whole wheat bagel, sourdough toast, or oatmeal to eat with it as well to be safe.

The Moringa is a new (to me) supplement that Jason's sister told me about when we stayed with her family in Santa Cruz a couple months ago. Its a super food like Kale, a leafy green powerhouse, and you can buy it in powder form to add to food. It has a strong earthy taste though, and with nausea I limit the portions in my smoothies to mask the flavor.

All of the smoothies I make with the help of my daughter, she loves to add the ingredients and press the button on our blendtec which is really loud so she covers her ears and smiles up at me. I love our morning routines! With changing up different ingredients and fruits every day its a different color, and she likes to shout out the color when its done. We spilt the smoothie three ways, one for me, one for her, and one for daddy before he leaves for work. Pregnant or not, there's nothing like a super boost of vegan whole food smoothie power to start your day.

A lot of the supplements you can find on Amazon, Costco or even Trader Joe's. The cheapest organic frozen fruits and berries are at costco, so we stock up there. They are way too expensive at Whole Foods. If we are in a pinch I will pick up some of the supplements at Whole Foods, but they are cheaper on Amazon where we usually buy them. All of the vitamins I've bought from Amazon.

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  1. Awesome recommendations! Just added them to my amazon cart