Sunday, September 4, 2016


Another weekend, another birthday party, we had a lot of fun celebrating a classmate's 2nd birthday. We met a Wallaby, a lemur that jumped right up on my shoulder and hung out for a while (pure joy!), mini pigs, rabbits, chickens, a baby deer with bambi spots, and a hedgehog. It was a lady-bug themed party with bug and butterfly accessories to dress up in, and Joss and some of her friends wore wings all around looking so damn cute I could hardly stand it. It was a lot of fun, and as usual I brought our own vegan Skull and Cakebones cupcakes to eat after the birth day song.

I'm feeling more and more fluttering kicks and movement. Active little jumping bean! Disappointingly enough, I am back to wearing my glasses since I had proven to myself that being pregnant does not automatically equate to bionic woman status. Without glasses for two glorious days, I was the most nauseated I had been in weeks, stumbled around as if I didn't know the size of my own feet, and aside from reading important things incorrectly like our bank account information, I also ordered the same thing twice (by mistake) on Amazon - luckily it was just a two pack of Smoothie travel mixing mugs, rather than some high-priced item, but still. And though I was trying to rationalize that all the squinting I was doing was because I live in Texas (its bright out here), not because I was straining too hard to see a foot in front of me, I still was squinting so much i gave myself headaches that again agitated my nausea.

So I'm back in the four eyes club, but not giving out hope that I will miraculously gain better vision soon enough (this really does happen pretty commonly in pregnancy, so here's hoping). I'll try again after my "morning" (afternoon/evening) sickness subsides - if at all.

The good thing about this time around though is that my food aversions aren't quite as bad as last time. I had my first GLORIOUS cup of coffee today so that smell isn't completely disgusting anymore (hallelujah!) And I've tried to hold my breath and add some nutritional yeast on some toast a few times, and that went down pretty well too.

As excited as I am to have all of the warm, happy, soft, squishy, lovey, gooey, moments that come with being a brand new mom (which I totally am), today riding in the truck with my family (to get said, beautiful, beautiful coffee), I held my belly and accidentally said out loud, "Oh god, another baby." Another carseat, another person to wrangle into trying to conform to silly unreasonable rules like safety from bodily harm, social norms like wearing cloths and not eating things off the ground, NO SLEEP for a year plus - RIGHT when I finally got used to sleeping a solid 6-7 hour stretch in a row again, which I'll take any day of the week even if it means (which it often does mean) waking up at 5:30 or 6AM every damn day. Please let our next child be a sound sleeper - and by "Sound" sleeper I mean, a "good" sleeper though trying to be respectful that don't believe in bad/good just different, but Jesus Ru Paul Christ, please let this second one be a fucking great sleeper.

And to end here's a conversation I over heard today that made me so proud to be a mom, ladies and gentlemen, my beautiful imaginative daughter (cross-posted on FB)
Overheard my daughter talking with her daddy mid-heartfelt talk in the other room. "Mama is just a mommy she's not a dragon, she's just a mama." (Sigh of frustration). Jason: "oh is that why you're mad at her?" Joss: "yes she's not a dragon and I can't cast a spell on her because she's not a monster, she's just a mommy." Jason: "but you love her right?" Joss: "yes just a little bit, so so much." Jason: " that's good that you love her so much." Joss: "no I don't. She's not a dragon."
I know Joss, sometimes I'm mad at myself that I'm not a dragon too. But great ideas are now brewing for my halloween costume this year.

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