Friday, September 16, 2016

Another Vegan Baby On The Way!

It still amazes me how eating super nutrient rich foods with a whole food vegan diet has so much stigma still attached to it, more so than moms that feed their children fast food ("Where do you get your protein?" "Children need to drink milk!" "How are you vegetarian in Texas?" "Just eat a burger," "You'll all be anemic!") ... So, after being vegan for 15+ years, with an almost 3 year old vegan child, I'd like to recap that eating a balanced, cruelty-free diet is totally possible (and easier than most people assume), PLUS! your baby and children can absolutely thrive. We eat burgers too in moderation (veggie burgers), have had all of our blood work consistently come back with excellent iron counts (have never been anemic), and get tons of protein from all of these foods:

My first daughter I breastfed until she was 2 3/4 years (baby led weaning), no formula, all vegan breastmilk along with a healthy fully vegan balanced diet. Here are my 1st daughter's stats through her infancy (if there is a percentile, those stats were from her doctor visits/wellness exams):

At Birth: 9lbs 9oz, 23 inches long (3 lbs placenta!)

WEIGHT: far above average before she became mobile, and continuing above average as she became more active!
2 weeks: 10 lbs (midwives checkup)
2 months: 13lbs 9 oz (98 percentile),
3 months: 15lbs
4 months: 17lbs 11oz (99 percentile)
5 months: 18lbs 15oz
6 months: 19lbs 14 1/2oz (98 percentile)
7 months: 20 1/2 lbs
8 months: 21 lbs
9 months: 21lbs 11oz (89 percentile)
10 months: 22lbs
11 months: 22lbs
12 months/1 year: 22lbs 8.5oz (74 percentile)
15 months: 23lbs 13oz (66 percentile)
18 months: 25lbs (58 percentile)
24 months/2 year: 28lbs (68 percentile)
36 months/3 year: __________________(apt next month)

HEIGHT/LENGTH: super tall strong girl!
2 months: 25 inches (100 percentile)
4 months: 27 inches (100 percentile)
5 months: 28 inches
6 months: 28.5 inches (100 percentile)
9 months: 30 1/4 inches (99 percentile)
12 months/1 year: 31 1/2 inches (98 percentile)
15 months: 32 3/4 inches (98 percentile)
18 months: 34 1/4 inches (97 percentile)
24 months/2years: 38 inches (100 percentile)
36 months/3 years: __________________(apt next month)

HEAD SIZE: eating lots of healthy brain foods to thrive body and mind!
2 months: 41cm (94 percentile)
4 months: 43 1/4cm (95 percentile)
5 months: 45cm
6 months: 46cm (99 percentile)
9 months: 46 1/2cm (97 percentile)
12 months/1 year: 47 3/4cm (98 percentile)
15 months: 48 1/4cm (97 percentile)
18 months: 49 1/2cm (99 percentile)
24 months/2 years: 50 1/2cm (99 percentile)
36 months/3 years: __________________(apt next month)

Looking forward to making another big healthy vegan baby, and helping my family thrive with all their beans and veggies.
Kale Yes!


  1. What are your go to protein sources? I have been doing black beans, quinoa, chickpeas, flax seeds... but dont feel like I am coming close to the max protein level.

    1. We eat a lot of beans, all types... lentils, chick peas, nuts, whole wheat (bread, pasta), brown rice, avocado, coconut (milk, oil), protein powers/supplements in our daily smoothies, nut butters (almond is sooooo good!), some tofu, vegan cheeses- daiya, tofutti cream cheese, Quinoa... My go to has been to snack on nuts constantly. My favorites have been raw walnuts, and almonds. I keep them in a jar on my nightstand and whenever I get up to pee in the night eat some which also helps get rid of morning sickness (if you have any of that).