Sunday, September 18, 2016

Birth Center Fun Fair

Yesterday we went to the Williamson County AABC location's Grand Opening party and family fun fair. We had so much fun! Starting with 10 am prenatal yoga (papa and joss went to get coffees and had a pay it forward moment where the man in line ahead of them paid for their order! feeling the love). It felt so good to stretch and breathe, connect with my baby, and center my body and mind - especially after missing class Thursday night. When class was done, Joss had made it to the front of the face painting line, and was getting Twilight Sparkle on her cheek (a my little pony unicorn with wings). There was a bouncy house that Joss had a BLAST bouncing in, it was the first time she was brave enough to get in there and jump around and she loved it and was laughing up a storm the whole time. Such joy!

We also saw many familiar faces from the birth center, including midwives that attended Jocelyn's birth, who to me sort of feel like celebrities. I saw Ros, who was there with Cat when she caught Joss, and said like a starstuck fan, "Hi Ros! It's me, Tyler, you were there when my Cat caught my daughter in the birth tub, she's almost three now." [Polite nodding, and pretending she remembers every mom that she's attended to - I don't know maybe she does!] "Now we're onto baby number two! At the Duval center, anyway so great to see you, hope to see you there soon!" [Everything outside of asking for her autograph] Haha, honestly though, our midwives are such rockstars, I am so completely grateful for all the work that they do for us moms, and babies, and dads and families. THANK YOU!!

They also had a kid's train, that we rode around the neighboring parking lots and had a lot of fun with that too. I checked out all the booths, and there were some vegan pies there even, with amazingly delicious samples (not only vegan, but gluten, soy, corn, and just about all allergy-free). I had the pumpkin pie and apple pie samples, and also one of their fan favorites, a pie-crust cookie with chocolate on top. What a treat! I usually don't eat many sweets, but they said they are taking orders for Thanksgiving, so I might need to order one. They were really, really, good. I kind of want to learn how to bake more, and do more baking of my own, I've just never really been that interested in it before, aside from fresh baked cookies.

I've been reading more of Peaceful Parents, Happy Siblings, and found a lot of helpful suggestions to start bonding the older sibling and the baby, many of which we have already been doing, but some creative ideas that also are really helpful - to make a personalized transition book. Here's the suggested template to use and personalize, "Nate Gets a Baby Brother", or make your own entirely. I'm through the pregnancy chapter and onto the suggestions for brining home baby and am starting to think about great ways to mindfully give our oldest all the attention she needs, and involve her in care giving and the growth of our family. What stuck in my mind, and I want to continue to be mindful of, is to never say, "Don't touch the baby," "Leave the baby alone," "walk away from the baby," to our older sibling, but to rather include the experience with them.

I'm already almost halfway through pregnancy, I keep saying this, but it really goes by so much quicker the next time around.  I'll try and get Jason to take some new belly pics to post.

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