Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Heart and Soul

On Mother's Lap, and I'm a Big Sister are Jocelyn's two new favorite books. We read them when we get home after I pick her up from school, and she has Papa read them to her before bed by request. She says the words along with us, and quotes the Big Sister book throughout her day. "I can help! I'm a big sister now!" I love watching her become a sister.

Yoga last night I requested some deep squats, and lizard poses and we got them! Another mom also requested some deep squats, so I wasn't alone. It felt good to get those deep stretches, and do some rounds of sun salutations too, work us a bit harder. As expected, lizard pose can bring up and release more emotion. Last night and this morning I felt extra sensitive, more so than usual. More lovey and close with my family, Joss reading on my lap before school this morning, and kissing Jason goodbye before he left for work. At drop off I felt more sensitive to other people too, I held a door open for a teacher with her arms full, and she thanked the lady behind her, not me, didn't say or look at me though I was the one holding the door in front of her. I was crushed. Am I invisible? I let my feelings come quietly, and I let them go. Feeling more sensitive than usual, letting myself feel it all, and let it go.

Yesterday Joss and I went swimming in our pool. Even though tomorrow is officially Autumn, its still 90-95+ degrees with ambient temps in the 100s. Swim while we can! I love the feeling of swimming with my big belly like I did the summer before Joss was born, I wasn't sure how much swim time I would get this time, since I will be biggest in winter. I'll swim again today, after I do some yard work, mow front and back yards... get ready for planting fall/winter garden and freeze the MASSIVE amount of basil that I need to harvest. We found a natural company that handles pest control, since we found some ant hills in our backyard and were interested to get rid of our mosquitos safely. Barefoot Mosquito uses mostly essential oils, and are coming out next Monday to treat around our pool and yards. Safe for me and baby, our family, and pets and as humane as possible without a bunch of gross chemical toxins. Sorry fire ants, you are NOT welcome here.

I'm enjoying reading more Peaceful Parents, Happy Siblings, and also REALLY enjoying our new anti-TV rule in our house. I think we are all sleeping much much better, and its a lot more fun to work on art together, paint, craft, read, puzzle, sing, dance, brush Zombie and our cats, swim, and soon we can enjoy being outside when its not SUPER super hot out... Joss is doing great with putting herself to sleep in her own big girl bed in her room. We have a solid routine down, and I'm very proud of her.

Brainstorming ideas for baby planning, if baby comes early, before my mom flies out to watch Joss, maybe our next door neighbor Rima can come over and stay here. Joss loves her and its the most convenient and easiest for last minute labor if it happens before we expect it. I need to ask her about that. Also, I really like the idea to make Jocelyn her own book and started it for her already, I think that I'll present that to her at my baby shower, birthday party, blessingway in January. I'm also looking forward to all our new (old) XMAS ornaments that my mom sent home with us that i grew up with on her trees, to hang at our house this year. Feeling wonderfully nostalgic, as i usually do this time of year, but mixed with my extra pregnancy emotions and hormones, feeling extra sentimental. Jocelyn's birthday (my first birth anniversary), carving pumpkins, costumes and trick or treating, vegan thanksgiving feast and day of mourning and peace with family, christmas cookies, and presents, and lights and trees, new years kisses and bubbly drinks, another year around the sun for me with added love of also celebrating new baby, and then before we know it, the newest member of our family will make their appearance. Loving all of these cozy moments unfolding before us.

A week from Friday we find out gender. I've had a few gender dreams, but so far nothing conclusive, so I'm still unsure if we are having a boy or a girl, just a little over a week and we'll find out! Already thinking of names. And to end, yesterday, Jocelyn started to draw her first hearts. "Mama, come here! Look! I drew a heart!" So much love for my family, this baby sure is loved and we can't wait to meet him or her!

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  1. Love this one.... maybe it is all the family talk and the holidays but by the end my heart was also whole.