Tuesday, September 13, 2016

First Centering Meeting and Broken Toe Nail

Today was my first centering meeting and it was so great to meet all the new mamas to go on this journey with in the coming months and weeks. 5 of us were there today, and I'm happy that I'm not the only mom with another kiddo. For another mom this will be her 5th, go mama! :) The rest of the ladies are first time moms. We pretty much focused on introductions, and played some ice breakers, then discussed some of our general discomforts and proper nutrition. We had to squeeze two sessions into one, since our last session was cancelled due to not enough mamas signed up, so it went really fast. Looking forward to next month already, and for getting to know this group of women more and more.

My belly check with the midwife also was A-Okay, perfect heart beat, measurements look right on track and today I'm feeling pretty gosh darn good. I'm up to 155lbs, gained 15lbs since pre-pregnancy, which is also right on track, blood pressure also looks good. Getting back into prenatal yoga has really gotten my lower back pains to subside, and I overall feel like my energy is coming back and I'm less sleepy (though still pretty damn tired all the time).

I'm looking forward to my second time around with centering, it was so beneficial last time, and there really isn't anything comparable to the care and community that I felt supported me more than anything else could during pregnancy. So grateful for the birthing center, and to be here again. This time around we haven't had any Micheal Scott references (I miss you Michelle! haha), and we now have these handy centering notebooks with pages to fill out and keep track of our pregnancies, neatly in a spiral bound book (nerd alert!). Last time we just had a staggering amount of photo copies loosely stuffed into our purple folders (this time the folders are blue). There are a lot of new faces, and all of the midwives and assistants weren't there when I birthed before, so its nice to meet new people though I also look forward to seeing familiar faces when I'm at the center. Its a good balance of familiar and new.

Also exciting, today I scheduled our gender ultra sound, coming up on the 30th. Jason will stay home from work, and I'll keep Jocelyn home from school so we can all go together as a family. I'm so excited! Last time we really wanted a girl and we got Joss, this time around I really could go either way. I'd love to give Jocelyn a sister (she keeps saying she wants a sister), but I know Jason would also love to have a son. As for me, as I could go either way and be happy. Just looking forward to finding out!

I finally figured out Jocelyn's birthday, set up our location at a nearby park and reserved the party area, sent out evite, and invited her classroom. We are having a wild animal themed, pre-halloween costume party with a face-painter (you bring the costume, we paint your face!) who also makes balloon animals for party favors. This year I'll bake her cupcakes, and I'll take photos. It should be a lot of fun! We were going to go camping, but our mom friends weren't able to commit, and Joss really wanted to have a lot of her classmates there, so this makes more sense. I can't believe she's almost three, already!

We had an eventful weekend, after Joss went down for a nap, I napped too but she woke up before me and decided to put on my makeup - on her face, body, clothes, our bathroom - mirror, sink, floor LOL. It was so hard not to laugh, but I calmly said that we need to ask mommy before we play with her make up, and let's clean this up. So I gave her some wash cloths and took a video of her self-inflicted makeover while helping clean and my goodness so cute, worth my destroyed expensive powders and lipsticks (thank goodness she didn't get into my liquid eye liner and red lipsticks!). After all of that we went out to dinner, and Joss stubbed her toe so hard it broke off half of her big toe nail :( Lots of blood, lots of tears. I've learned to never leave home without a dozen band aids in my purse, so we bandaged her up, and she seemed to calm down - but it looked so painful, my poor baby. Its getting better and better early day.

Last night we had a parents and teacher's meeting at Jocelyn's school. We talked about the school day, and the work they have in the classroom, and we were able to have a discussion Q&A. I love Jocelyn's school, and am looking forward to the upcoming school events for parents in the months to come. One thing that I'm sad about, is that the annual school Casino night for parents falls right smack dab on/around our due date, so most likely I will have to sit this one out as I will be either in labor, or recovering postpartum. But in the meantime, looking forward to the full school walk through and Montessori overview from 0years-6. Lisa the head teacher also spoke with me last night that she liked my book suggestion for book club (Peaceful Parents, Happy Siblings), so I'm looking forward to seeing it on the agenda hopefully in the months to come.

I also set a date for our baby shower, but its tricky with all the holidays in the coming months... but it will all work out. We'll have it casual at our house again. I need to figure out games and prizes, and party favors, but regardless should be a lot of fun.

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