Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cooler Days

Leaves are falling off of our pomegranate trees, our front oak trees are also starting to shed their summer leafy coats. The mornings are actually starting to be cooler than the afternoons and hot nights, this is one of my absolute favorite times of year. Open windows in the morning to let in the fresh air with the sunrise, sipping my kale smoothies and tea. In the quiet house after I drop Joss at school and Jason hasn't quite gotten up to go to work yet. These are my favorite moments, alone but with my dog asleep at my feet, and kicking baby in my tummy.

I almost forgot about yoga on Tuesday night. It was such a nice day out, ALL day it stayed in the 70s and below, windows in our house open all day. I picked Joss up from school and we went to a new park on the way home from school and ran around in the grass, walked the hike and bike trail, climbed a rock wall (she did) and went down a few slides. It feels so good to be outside again without the oppressive heat and humidity weighing me down. Afterward we went to the library by our house, and I got Jocelyn her very own library card. We read a large stack of books she picked out in the kids area, and talked with the sweet children's librarian who told us all about the upcoming Dia de los Muertos event that I'd love to take Joss to. After we were done reading, she picked out 7 books that we checked out at our self-checkout station and she was very proud to help.

We came home to a gift bag of surprises from our sweet neighbor for Jocelyn's (early) birthday present. A book, and some new markers, a kaleidoscope, beaded necklace and some stickers. Jason had to remind me that I had yoga, so I quickly made some dinner, collard greens and black eyed peas with tempeh, and then got ready and headed to class.

When I got there I was pleasantly surprised to see a new familiar face on one of the yoga mats, Ellen from centering October 2013! She's also pregnant again, due a month after me. We were able to chat and catch up a bit after class, and we are both so excited to see each other again. Our babies will be almost the exact same ages. Funny how that works :)

Yesterday after a night filled with weird dreams and restlessness, I took full advantage of being able to nap most of the day while Joss was at school, and after picking her up read all our new library books together and then spent time in our backyard after dinner in the nice cool night air, playing in her club house. There still are some mosquitos out, but not as bad as they have been throughout summer. Its so enjoyable to be outside, which means I'm gearing up to do some more gardening again soon.

Today I'm going to clean the pool, and hopefully get a few more swims in with Joss before it starts to get too cold in the water. And do as much housework as I can to distract me from needing to wait patiently for tomorrow when we all go to the birth center and find out gender!

I've been dreaming a lot about puppies, and getting another dog, which I know is NOT the time to do it, especially with all of Zombie's issues with dog-dog socialization, so I'll just take all of my puppy dog dreams as being reflective of my new little human puppy, and the new life that we will have join our family soon.

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