Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fire Crotch

I made it to yoga last night. Weeknights are more of a challenge to get there, as I need to have Jason home from work, get dinner on the table, and leave the house in time to get to the birth center before class starts at 7- and the past couple weeks Jason's had to work late, and I've missed the boat (or mat). Jason came home early though after working off site yesterday, which was awesome. So happy to be there last night, and have Sarah teach again. She taught Thursday nights with my first pregnancy and I loved her classes so much, after I had my baby and went back to work, I had my office hire her to teach in office yoga which was so awesome too. She's great! Kind of like de ja vu being at the birth center in these classes again. Nothing much has changed, but they replaced the carpets.

There were 6 of us there last night, all of which were much further along than me, one mom was 41 weeks and 3 days. Many of them I gathered were regulars at Sarah's classes and I could see how they had bonded together which makes me love being around this community of strong women, and be a part of it again. Every class, we start by going around the room and say our name, how many weeks, and if there's anything going on in our bodies to be aware of, or request to focus on. A couple moms were talking about experiencing some, "fire crotch." Another mom in yoga last Saturday mentioned this too. And I'm like, quietly sitting there, thinking, "what???" haha. I vaguely remember from last time around that there can be a sensation of discomfort as your pelvis starts to loosen and get ready to open for baby, but is that fire crotch? It was something that had been talked about in classes that I wasn't there for, since everyone was nodding their heads in understanding for these moms. "Oh yes, fire crotch, don't worry, you've got this."

In my mind I imagined all of us super mamas giving birth with vaginas as flame throwers delivering babies who are born wearing metallic capes and tiny masks. Wa-pow! Power to our fire crotches! Anyway, I'll ask next class.

Update: My yoga teacher wrote me to clarify, " Fire crotch is spd. Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. It's pregnancy induced pubic instability, pain, and discomfort at the the symphysis pubis joint and/or the sacro iliac joint. Something like 50-60% of women have some discomfort here throughout their pregnancy but for a few it can be very intense."

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