Monday, September 19, 2016

Children's Books for a Growing Familiy

Baby is now the size of a sweet potato! A week from Friday we find out gender and start the name brainstorming. We have a few ideas left from last time, but will also need to start thinking of secret Blackfoot names too. So exciting!

Since I moved our baby shower to January, for my birthday party/baby shower, I removed the books that we added for Joss to prepare for new baby. We bought them now to read them to her and get her used to the idea of having a new baby more and more, and sharing more of the experience with her. I like how the first two below go more into the details of what's going on with Mommy's body, and the third one is more about memories and emotionally comforting. Joss has enjoyed all three of them.

We also ordered two more that should be arriving today:

More and more I'm feeling baby kicking, and according to my pregnancy apps, baby can now hear our voices and sounds. Jocelyn enjoys singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to my belly and giving the baby hugs and kisses. 

Last night I had some very adventurous dreams, where I had the power to fly, and went on a large community traveling adventure with friends from every stage of my life so far. It was full of fun, freedom, empowerment, and letting go of fear. My purpose at the start of my yoga practice, each time has more of less been to let go of fear. My dreams last night were a wonderful celebration of that, and welcoming in the next adventure ahead. 

I also received an email from the AABC family fun fair from a photographer that I signed up to get on the mailing list, with a $50 gift certificate attached, and entered into a raffle to win a $200 credit towards a portrait session. With Jocelyn we didn't take any portraits, outside of using our own nice camera, but after baby is born I like the idea of having a portrait of the baby with Jocelyn. Also this photographer includes belly casting with her packages, which I didn't do the first time either, and I'm also interested in having that done as well, considering this may very well be my last pregnancy. 

Unlike last time, I will also be pregnant for Halloween! I know I wanted to paint my stomach like a big pumpkin before, so maybe this year I will. We also hired our face painter to be at Jocelyn's party for 2 hours, so if there aren't any kids who are wanting more face or body paint at any point, maybe I'll have her paint my belly haha. It is going to be a wild animal halloween-birthday theme, maybe have her paint a big Lion's face/head on my belly haha. 

Thinking about hippy witchy baby/belly traditions like belly painting and belly casting, I want to do another labor necklace this time, and maybe I should add that my birthday party/ baby shower is also a blessing way. Guests are invited to bring a bead or object of significance that I can string together into a necklace that I wear and hang at my labor to bring in blessings for the new baby and my birth experience. A BBB! (Birthday, Blessing way, Baby shower!) I can already imagine my husband rolling his eyes, but not to worry there will definitely also be Booze for everyone not with child. HAHA. Happy monday y'all!

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  1. Love the idea of a blessing necklace for the birth. OMG amazing idea!