Saturday, September 14, 2013

Breast Feeding and Cloth Diapers

Our last centering meeting already came and went! Time is really flying by at this point, but luckily with all the help, love, support, and community at the Birth Center I feel totally prepared for this baby (as best prepared as I can be for a first time mommy). The last meeting was all about breastfeeding, a lot of which I had already read up on, but I learned a lot too. We watched videos, got a bunch of handouts, and had some great discussions, Q&A with our awesome midwives' assistant Michelle. The main thing I learned is that when breastfeeding, you want to point your nipple towards your baby's nose, to get them to have their mouth open as big as possible for the best latch. Jason was right there with me, and such a good supportive papa already, then again, it was a class all about BOOBS so of course he would want to be there with me :) haha. Honestly though, so excited to have this baby, with this daddy.

Last night after work I headed to a diapering class (again, at the birth center so all of these classes I'm taking by the way are totally covered by my enrollment at the birth center - so virtually FREE. SO awesome, I can't praise the birth center enough). The cloth diapering class went over all the various different kinds of cloth diapers, prefolds and shells (which is what I'm doing), pocket diapers, all in ones, and also all the different kinds of shells and materials used for the inserts, prefolds, and shells and their benefits (organic cotton, bamboo, and even cashmere haha - we all laughed at that one, but they do exist). We also went over how to launder them, what soaps to use and avoid, line drying, cloth wipes, and got a bunch of hand outs as well for where to shop locally for new and used, and also 3-pages of home made wipe solution recipes. SO freaking awesome.

And now its time for me to head to Saturday's yoga class. To breathe, stretch, strengthen and center. Here's to the weekend! xo

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