Thursday, September 19, 2013

This last Tuesday's yoga class was awesome! Cat really worked us, it was super tough and felt super rewarding to finish that session, tired and energized all at once. I love it when she throws in some hard-balls for us, most of her classes are challenging, but this one made my muscles shake more than not. Thank you Cat! Strong mamas in the making! Looking forward to tonight's class with Sara, me and my big belly love all the stretch and strengthening. Feeling good!

Last night after work I gave Jason a haircut in our home office, since its been too hot to cut his hair outside on the weekends, and he told me he wants to be sure to look good in all the upcoming Daddy and baby pics. <3 That really just melts my heart. So sweet, I love you J! And since he has now traded his usual shift of 10-7 at the office, for the 8-4 shift, he's been getting home earlier than me and been having dinner ready by the time I get home just before 7. I've been super impressed, because if anyone knows my husband, they know anytime before noon is WAY too early to be awake for him haha. He's really rocking at this new schedule, so he can be ready to be home earlier to help with baby. I love him. SO MUCH!

This weekend we need to figure out how to install our car seat in our car. We still haven't gotten around to that part. And we also need to get a Burrito Factory going (assembly line style of dozens of burritos to freeze and keep for later - easy meals after baby). We also should do a big batch of tamales. They also freeze well, and I love my vegan tamales, so yummy. Can't wait for my stomach to move back down where it should be so I can eat super spicy food again without acid re-flux. (Spicy food and breastfeeding are A-O-K by the way, midwives confirmed! Happy dance).

I also need to take a belly pic this weekend, tomorrow I am at 38 weeks, and so basically I could have the baby any day now. We're hoping she holds out until October, I want to keep working as much as I can, so the more paychecks the better... but at this point, she's the one you has the control! Getting close now... I love the photos of big belly mamas and then the after pic with the big belly replaced with the baby outside of the belly being held. Maybe Jason and I can find a nice area in our overgrown backyard to do something artsy like that. Just in case she comes before her due date.

The only discomforts I've had, aside from the Braxton hicks, which are still coming, and her feet nestling up into under my ribs, is she's been I'm assuming pushing her head down on some of my nerve endings that shoot sensations and pressure down my inner thighs. Its like she's moving her head one way, "Is this the way out?" (pressure shooting down my right thigh) then the other way, "What about this way?" (pressure shooting down my left thigh) and its like, "no baby! Its just straight down, through those intimidating bones - but I promise they will stretch for you!" Also, "I'm glad you haven't gotten the hang of it yet, wait a couple more weeks in your kale powered, uterus utopia!" Haha. I've had a fear that I will go into labor during a yoga class, which I mentioned and joked about last Tuesday, but after saying it out loud, surrounded by all the other mamas, and Cat, who is also a postnatal caregiver, and midwife assistant, I realized and said aloud, "This actually wouldn't be the worst place to go into labor! haha" Not to mention its right next door to the birthing rooms, with all the other supportive, loving yoga mamas there with me.

I also know is a long process, and only 10% of women have their water break BEFORE labor/contractions (Hollywood again, not to be trusted haha), so I will not be in that situation, most likely. This weekend Jason and I have our last class at the birth center to prepare us for parenthood, "Birth in a Nutshell." Which is three hours long and I'm guessing will go over everything we covered in our Centering sessions, but as a consolidated review. My witch hazel and tucks pads arrived yesterday, so pretty much all is wrapped up and ready for her arrival. Still have lots of her washed clothes to put away, and we really should get her a dresser, but for now everything is hanging in her closet which I'm sure will just end up in a pile on a chair after the first post baby wash haha. We mailed our check to Diaper squad, so now we just have to call them when we start using the diapers! I've taken home all of my own office supplies, and birthday plant that was at my desk, so the only thing I have left to collect at work is my desk fan (which I cannot live without running on high everyday while I'm here).

This final frontier of being child free feels like we are in warp speed now towards becoming parents. Stars are rushing past us, like illuminated streaks of love and light. Getting more and more ready!

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