Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Last Centering Tomorrow

I can hardly believe that tomorrow is our last centering appointment at the Birth Center! It was not so long ago I was eagerly awaiting our first session to meet all the other expectant moms and join the community of AABC. Tomorrow there is no belly check, it will be entirely dedicated to our breastfeeding class. We have two homework assignments for this session, 1: to bring something we didn't know about breastfeeding/nursing to share with the group, and 2: to discuss what has worked with another mom we've talked to in preparation for/during/getting started.

Last night before bed I was reading breastfeeding facts, and I feel that I've already pretty much gotten myself pretty well informed. No pacifiers, no bottles, immediate skin to skin contact afterbirth, and that even if my milk doesn't come in immediately she is still getting the nutrition she needs for her grape-sized stomach with my colostrum (pre milk). I feel like my patience level is also very high, so even if there are some obstacles I'm not too worried about it. I also have my electric breast pump if I need to help get my milk flowing, so I feel prepared. What I did learn however, which is kinda cool... is that babies are born with an acute sense of smell, and can immediately smell and are drawn to their mama's milk. If held out in front of a breast, their faces/noses will follow mama's boob, even before they have clear eye sight - because of this super sensitive, strong sense of smell - total animal instinct. Pretty cool!

Last night I left work to immediately go to the birth center to attend the cloth diapering class I signed up for a month or two ago, only to be informed that the birth center had changed it to  Friday (since Yoga is on Tuesday nights now). Haha, luckily the midwives were all there having a midwife meeting, and Cat jumped out and talked with me and looked at the calendar on my phone and confirmed that the AABC website they had moved the class. It was good that I was there either way, as Cat had cancelled last night's yoga (b/c of the meeting), so either way it saved me a trip over there to find out one way or another.  It was also good to see Cat since I had to miss her other classes due to Holden's Vet appointment, and also our Training with Tara Session. So thankful there is also the Thurs night class to keep me in yoga 2 times a week :)

It actually works out perfectly, because today we are getting our Diaper Squad delivery of all our cloth diapers, so I can bring them to the class on Friday and practice with what we will actually be using those first few months. How Diaper Squad works is they deliver all the clean diapers and supplies before baby (so we are prepared), then as soon as baby comes we email or text them, and they will start us in their dirty pick up/clean drop off route. Such an awesome idea, and so thankful (again, honestly endless thanks to Grammy!) to have this service while we figure everything out. After those first few months, I'll start washing our own diapers, but at least by then I will know how many I need to have, how many more we need to buy, which shells we like best, how often we dirty them etc. etc.

Getting closer and closer... getting super excited!

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