Friday, September 20, 2013

Full Moon, and Rain

Last night I reluctantly skipped yoga. One of our car's headlights burnt out, so when I got home from work I scooped up Jason and went to O'Reily's to pick up new lights. He changed them out, but it was more of a labor intensive chore than he expected, and by no means was I going to take his motorcycle to yoga instead of the car. But headlights are back in working order! I love my man, the best!

Last night was also raining all kinds, which was awesome. Its been raining this morning and today as well, making it really feel like fall. The thermometer in my car ride to work this morning was only 78! 20 degrees less than what its been (at least) for the past few months, so is a really welcome change.

 It was also a full moon last night, so not only were we somewhat expecting me to go into labor (I didn't! but did have some more intense Braxton Hicks that I've had so far)... I also felt super emotional. Excited, nervous, happy, scared (will i know what to do?), and totally in love. Hormones, or the moon, I think this is just what it feels like to be a mom and love someone so much (even before meeting her face to face).

I did the dishes, and tried to relax and just be happy to almost be done with another work week. So, I am almost at the end of my pregnancy and haven't really experienced any foot swelling, but just recently my hands and knuckles have been super achy, and have swollen some. I had to put my wedding ring on my necklace, and swap my right hand ring finger rings over to my left so I don't feel naked without something on that finger (did you know your dominant hand is slightly bigger than your less dominant hand?). Anyway, still have my wedding diamonds on my person, just not the usual spot.

We will take and post some pics this weekend, its been a few weeks! So happy for the weekend, yoga tomorrow and then our Birth in a Nutshell class. Skype with my mom (and Bella!) on Sunday, and going to try to make some new ice pack pads this time that don't end up as one large ice cube. HAHA. Also need to clean the car (now that its not 100 degrees in our garage), and install the car seat. Also need to prepare some frozen foods! So excited to have my mom out here to help with our housework and cooking, mom you are the best! So looking forward to seeing you soon, its been too long since our last visit, and this one will be even more special. Happy Friday Y'all!!

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