Monday, September 9, 2013

Tired Mama

Who knew working a 9-10 hour work day was less exhausting then when Mama Tyler takes a "day off?" Today has been very busy and productive, but I am super tired, and haven't even been able to finish everything on my to do list.

After AABC, we took Holden to the orthopedic surgeon, expecting to hear that he was in immediate need for hip and knee surgeries on both sides... but was pleasantly surprised to hear that his hips aren't the problem after it, its just his knees/knee joints. Dr. Hulse and his staff were extremely warm, friendly, and great with our big red dog. They are definitely animal people. We got the estimate, and it was half the amount we were anticipating which is great (however there is no way we can pay for it upfront either). So we are still going to sign up for the credit/payment plan to finance the surgery, but what's great is that the Doc told us we can wait until after baby arrives, and that the procedure will not involve confining him to a crate, or me having to lift him at all. He said he will be able to walk out of surgery on his own, and that he can be his usual self inside, just no running outside, and to keep supervision/on leash for 2-6 weeks when we do let him out. Really great news.

After that, Jason and I went out to lunch together, where we used to eat for lunch all the time when my office was closer to his. I'm realizing now, that was one of the last times I will have the alone time with him for a lunch date, and I'm really trying to appreciate every moment we have together as two, before we become a wonderful, exciting three. He went back to the office, and I went back home to pick up my notebook with all my questions from the birth center for finding a pediatrician. I went to the meet and greet at Jollyville Pediatrics, and really hit it off with Dr. Evelyn Spencer. Her energy was immediately great, I felt like she gave me all the attention I needed, was knowledgable, and accepting of my vegan lifestyle, and of our choice to follow the Dr. Sears vaccine schedule -though she admitted its not what she recommends because she thinks its more work on the parent's end to only do one vac at a time, and have to keep bringing them back, but she's open to our input and choices as parents- which I thought was awesome, 1. that she was being honest, and 2. letting us have the say in what happens with our babe, no judgements.

She also gave me a copy of "Your Baby's First Year" a book published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, which she said is a great additional book to have/read from the medical perspective, though she thinks that The Happiest Baby on the Block (which we also have) but since its not from a medical background, she recommends to also read the one she gave me. The book also came with a free box of formula which I told her is perfect so I can use for our dog training, since we had already discussed that I will be breastfeeding. We also talked about dogs a little bit, which to me is always a good way for me to gauge a new person and see how much I trust their character (haha, truth!). Really excited to have Jocelyn's pediatrician all lined up now too. Everything's snapping into place. I also got the confirmation email from Diaper Squad that our delivery of cloth diapers will arrive this Wednesday! So exciting! Then we just call/text/or email them once she's born and they will start us on their route of picking up dirties, and replacing with cleans! YAY! Thanks again Grammy!

After that, I went to Target on my way home to pick up the items that I need for my birth bag so we can pack it up this weekend (when I will be 37 weeks, OMG). I picked up some HUGE maxi pads, coconut oil, etc and have those things ready in our baby duffle along with a bikini top, loose dress,  my crystals, and baby book to have them stamp her foot prints in there for us. I also bought a BUNCH of clothes hangers to try to organize all Jocelyn's clothes from being in a large pile of 0-24 months sizes in her pack n' play and two garbage bags, to actually have the 0-3 ones all together to easily find and put her in after she's born. That took a while, and I decided for all the 12-24 month clothes to just immediately hang those up, since it will be a year+ before she wears them, but for all the others I've ran 2 loads of laundry, all the clothes pretty much fit in the first load, then the second load for all her new, and new to us blankets and the rest of the clothes.

They're still in the drier, but man am I beat! All of my clean clothes are thrown on our bed, waiting for me to put them away still. I haven't gone to the grocery store yet either, and we are down to the bare minimum in our fridge. I'm hoping that Jason will want to go with me to the store when he gets home. But I'm sure he will be tired after our morning chores together, and work as well. Really feeling like I should take a quick nap now, but need to power through a little longer. By this time on any other weekday I would just be pulling into our garage after a work day. Braxton hicks have been getting a little bit stronger, but still super spaced apart by several hours, and none of them really painful, just more of a strong pressure and sensation. She still hasn't dropped, but she's definitely still wiggling around all kinds. When Jason puts his hand on my belly and feels her he says, "She wants OUT!" here's hoping she continues to enjoy her in uterean resort- at least until October! We shall find out soon enough :)

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