Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Single Digits

Last night I was too tired after work to make it over to Yoga, and instead of dropping all my work bags on our kitchen counter, rushing to let the dogs out, change my clothes and head back out the door to get to the 7pm class, I dropped all my work bags on our kitchen counter, rushed to let the dogs out, changed my clothes, and then kissed my husband (who was doing the dishes!), and said, "You know what? I'm just too tired, and don't really want to leave the house." And I went to the couch and sat in a yoga pose, closed my eyes and breathed. Jason came over and sat by me and said, "You know you're really getting up there, and you should listen to your body and not over do it." I love my yoga classes, but last night my practice involved napping on the couch and resting up at home, especially after not sleeping at all the night before.

I slept really well last night. And had dreams about the new season of American Horror Story (COVEN) all night. To most people that would probably mean a restless night full of nightmares, but to me, it was awesome. Witches and creepy voodoo adventures in a huge New Orleans Mansion. So excited for the series to start back up again, and will have to figure out a way around this whole self-imposed, NO TV AFTER BABY ARRIVES rule I've put on myself. I don't want her to be around all the horror and gore we like to watch, but of course she has to be born into the best horror month and season of the year! She's definitely one of us. At least Modern Family is coming back on, so watching that isn't something that would be as bad to have in the background while nursing. Or you know, just stop watching TV (haha not going to happen, but my intentions are good!) And as soon as she starts looking at stuff, I'll be sure not to have it on. I loved the Dexter finale (it really bothered Jason though, I can see why!), and am so looking forward to the Breaking Bad finale this Sunday. Walking Dead is starting up again soon too, and there are a couple new series we are also looking forward to. Looks like I'll need to resurrect my, "Destroy Your TV," blog after baby's born (since this blog will have its own glorious finale!). We'll see...

So my colostrum is in full effect! Getting excited, body is ready and waiting... Nine more days, as of today... but could be tonight, or two weeks from now... Tomorrow I'm getting my eyelashes tinted on my lunch break, using the rest of my birthday gift certificate from Jamie and Colleen. That way when I will be too tired for makeup these next couple months I will at least have dark, mascara-like lashes for all the pics for our family albums. Haha, its the small things in life.

Also in reading back through my previous entries, I've noticed that these later posts have gotten more and more scatter-brained and rambling, I've also repeated myself a lot haha I guess that's all the effect of baby brain and getting more and more tired and excited! To any of my regular readers, sorry if my posts haven't been as entertaining lately, at this point I feel happy to leave the house with both my shoes on. Love to all you beautiful readers! Thank you for joining me on this journey xoxo

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