Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Animal Family and Last Day of Summer

So we only got a sneak peak of the fall months to come, today the weather is back up to 98, and for the next couple days. Yesterday was really hot again as well. This weekend its forecast that we might get some more rain, and head back towards the 80s, so really hoping for that!

I was going through my spreadsheet of "TO DO FOR BABY" (yes, nerd alert), and realized that for our dogs, we need to have ready instructions on how to take care of them if we are gone for more than 12 hours. I typed up a sheet, going over Holden's medication schedule - Tramadol and Gabapentin, Holden and Zombie's food portions, Zombie's food aggression and dog aggression issues (always feed Holden in his crate, never leave their dishes out after they finish eating etc). Also to be sure to lock our sliding door after letting them out into our backyard, and back inside, and that our cats are indoor only (if the door isn't locked Holden will open it again later letting our cats out and mosquitoes in!). Also where all the water dishes are, cat food dispensers, and litter boxes (cat though probably will be just fine for a day on their own).

 So pups and kitties are taken care of, should we be gone during their meal times, or long enough to need them to be let outside. I was thinking about this upcoming October month, and started to feel nostalgic for all our pumpkin parties, and already am missing having people over to carve some jackolanterns. There's a small part of me that wants to go ahead and still throw our usual weekend before Halloween carving party, so we can also have pumpkins ready for our trick or treaters, but like my mom said, most likely I will not want a house full of guests that soon after birth. Maybe I can invite people to stop by with a carved pumpkin for our trick or treaters, and if they want to (possibly) catch me at a good time to meet baby. As long as they know that I may or may not be up for visitors, but pumpkins (and vegan food) always welcome! HAHA. Its just such an annual tradition for us, I feel like I need to put something together. We'll see how I feel in a couple weeks. In a couple weeks, chances are I will be already holding my baby!!! OMG.

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