Monday, September 9, 2013

Head Down Pos'ish!

Jocelyn is officially confirmed as being in the head down position (saw her cute lil face in 2D on our last ultrasound of my pregnancy). Jason and I agree that we do not want any pics of her online, so you will just get to use your imagination. Perfect lil nose in her profile! She is definitely a little wiggler, and was hard to keep still for long enough to even take her heart beat with the dopler today haha, but she's right on track, healthy heart beat, and happy baby! My check up was also awesome, everything is in its right place (to quote Thom Yorke), and my body is gearing up for the main event, which is getting closer and closer. Today I took the Strep B test, and also tried to pee in a cup for another sample, and with this big belly its really pretty hard to do these days haha. Blindly shooting into a tiny barrel. Oh well, so is life!

Next up, Jason and I are taking Holden to see Dr. Hulse, and get an idea of what surgery is needed, how much it will cost us, and what Holden's recovery will involve, and how we can figure it all out simultaneously with my birth and labor, and then afterbirth recovery and adjusting to life with our newborn. We have had so many questions about Holden's poor hips and knees, though we know he needs surgery. Today we will have one less, "How Much?" weighing over our heads, and factor in what kind of payment plan is available to prepare our new one-income budget. Poor Houdini, but this will be good for him and help improve his quality of life for the years to come... we will figure it all out. Just hoping I can manage his recovery with my own, and my newborn.

Last night I took out my Boba wrap, and figured out how to tie it. Though it looked intimidating at first (it just comes as one long piece of fabric, like an extra extra long scarf) its actually pretty easy to tie and comfy to wear. 100% all about baby wearing for her first year.

I need to go through all of Jocelyn's things in her room and get some hangers to hang her clothes by size/age, since right now everything is just in one pile, and there's no way that we can sort through what she can immediately wear when she arrives, and what will be ready for her in the next 1-2 years. So grateful for all our handmedowns and gifts! She is one stylish, thrifty baby already!

Last night papa J and I also finally cracked open her carseat box and put together her carseat. It took us about two hours to figure it all out, and then finally how to put a newborn in there... but we did it! It was actually a pretty great exercise in working together as parents, and figuring out what to do, how to do it, and working as a team. I was impressed with our success! Those things really are much more complicated than they look. Ours is also a convertible seat that can hold a newborn all the way up to a 5 year old, so there are a lot of modifications, and built ins that are for changing with the age and size of your child. Newborn - rear-facing part is figured out, when she gets bigger and forward facing, we'll have to figure it all out again, but at least now we know the basics. Putting it INTO our car however, we will have to figure out still, but there is no way that we can fit our huge dog into our backseat with the carseat, so we'll wait until after holden's appointment, and then need to uninstall/reinstall depending on his surgery appointment, and other visits... Either way, stoked to have all the gear we need!

Jason also put together our new stroller, thanks to all his dudes chipping in and sending us this awesome gift from California! I can see a lot of fun times ahead for me and Jocelyn around the lakes, natural trails, and even just our neighborhood together, getting mama's post baby booty back into shape. This stroller rules, and will be making its appearance in the 2014 gorilla run with mama Gorilla supporter Tyler, and Baby gorilla supporter Jocelyn. Here's to Saving Gorillas one costume at a time haha, oh my goodness, I can't wait for that. So much fun!

This afternoon, after Holden's appointments, I will also be meeting with our first pediatrician, and hope that its a good match for us to keep as her doctor. Thanks to the birth center for the recommendation, and for handout with all the questions that we should ask when choosing a doctor for our newborns... I'm ready to meet her, and hope she's a good fit! I've also started reading these two new Dr. Sears books, and am already feeling like our daughter is on the right track to being a healthy baby, child, and person. We got this! <3

Then the only other chores that I have to do today are to buy some baby formula (for dog training), go regular grocery shopping for fruits and veggies, put away my clean laundry, do some house cleaning, and buy a few supplies that I need for my birth bag (to get that all ready for the big show), and wash/hang Jocelyn's clothes in her closet by size. Stoked for the day ahead! And so happy that I can spend it away from the office to take care of me, my family, and household! Back to the workweek tomorrow, and looking forward to the cloth diapering class after work. Oh! I also signed up for the Diaper Squad cloth diaper service, and am still waiting to hear back from them to confirm our registration... thanks again Grammy! We love you guys.


  1. Hooray to all! I'm so happy you will finally get that girl's wardrobe sorted! In addition to size, what about sorting by color, season, buttons zips or snaps, cotton thread-count and designer! Just like Gramma's closet!

  2. That sounds amazing mom! Perhaps that can be your project while you visit, since you are such a pro... Just going through each tag and separating by age/size took a lot out of me. Haha, that's how I KNOW my energy levels are not what they used to be, when I will willingly decline an opportunity to organize! haha I WILL say though, that I DID color code the sizes with her plastic hangers... haha I know, I know. But honestly, could you imagine me doing it any other way?