Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vegas Baby, Vegas!

Jason's in Vegas for the rest of the week for a company paid vacation that he was awarded for basically always kicking ass. All the big wigs are going, so its also an awesome opportunity for him to buddy up to some of the new execs at the company after the buy-out that happened beginning of the year. I'm so happy that he gets to have some time outside of the usual and go have some fun (without spending any of our money)! They are taking him to see Cirque de Soleil tonight, man so awesome, and tomorrow he can either spend the day golfing (ha! yeah right!), or be treated to a spa day. I told him he should go for the full spa treatment, mud wraps, massage, and drink fancy cucumber water so I can  live vicariously, but he said that what he really just wants to do is lay out by the pool at the hotel, haha. That's my Jason. <3 He deserves a vacation and I'm just so so SO happy that it was scheduled AFTER we had the gender reveal ultrasound together. I hope he has the best time ever! Even though I already miss him.

Having him out, means that I have a pouty Zombie who misses her Jason. To reward me for taking care of her and giving her extra attention while he's gone (she's a daddy's girl), she decided to take a huge shit downstairs in the middle of the night. Not what I was expecting to wake up to before going to work. Half on our area rug, and half on our pergo floors. Oh Zombie, he'll be back! Such a drama queen. And then of course Holden, who knows that when Jason is gone there is no one to yell at him to get off the bed at night. So last night I spent 15 minutes yelling at him, "OFF!" "I MEAN it. OFF!!" while he just rolled around, play bowing, and wagging his tail at me. ("Oh Mama, you're so funny, and not as scary as Papa!"). Finally I got him to get off the bed by pushing him with all my might and coaxing his crazy night-time naughty ways to go to HIS bed. Which he didn't do, but he went into our stairwell and sat there pouting until who knows how long because I had the bed to myself (and Molly), and fell right asleep.

Having Jason gone reminds me how much I'm so incredibly grateful to have such a loving, and available husband to help me bring our baby into this new life. It also makes me appreciate all the single moms and single dads who go through raising a household on their own. I don't even have a baby yet (well not human ones anyway), and I already feel the void of not having my partner in crime around to help out, if only to laugh at me while I try to act dominant and Alpha in our house of wild dogs. I'm so glad that we've waited as long as we did to start our family (almost a decade). I know anything can change, but I trust him so much and believe he's going to be the best dad. I think waiting as long as we did, and working on "us" will make our relationship that much stronger going into this next life chapter. My baby is so damn lucky! Speaking of luck, when he was leaving for Vegas, I wanted to tell him, "Don't do anything our baby wouldn't do!" Then I thought of what babies DO. Doo doo. Shit and barf in public. Haha, instead I just said, "I love you, have fun!" And thought to myself, and now especially after Zombie gave me her present this morning ("Run from a house of excrement for as long as you can!") haha. Miss you J. <3

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