Friday, May 3, 2013

Blowing Bubbles

18 weeks! My Baby Bump Pro app tells me that I'm supposed to really start feeling some moving from this point on, and so far I have felt something! Just once, and it was pretty delicate, but definitely unlike anything else I've felt before.

People describe the first feelings of movement like, "butterflies" in your stomach, but what I felt was better described as blowing bubbles. It felt much more circular when I felt the three or four "bubble" kicks, it was like bubbles being blown and landing on me then popping- but on the inside of my belly. Pretty magical stuff! I haven't felt that again, but I've been trying to be more aware and conscious of movement, my blood flowing, everything in my body in hopes of feeling it again. Most of the time all that I feel is like my stomach is a huge water balloon.

Only 11 more days until our next ultrasound for gender! My goodness, so happy its finally May, and we are that much closer. I can't wait to see the lil pumpkin again, now with bones and fingers and toes. According to my app, my baby is now the size of a sweet potato, roughly 5.6 inches. I've been pretty much dreaming primarily about my baby these days, it went from no dreams about my baby (just weird vivid stuff), to dreaming every night about ONLY my baby. Last night I got to hold (him/her), (s)he had soft blonde hair and was so soft and sweet smelling. I kept kissing his/her top of his/her head. Still no idea on gender as far as mama intuition, but will find out soon enough... trying to cherish each of these moments. Relaxing into all of this waiting, since I'm now starting to see everything I do as baby-free, and imagine how different it will all be: going pee without baby, cooking dinner without baby, cuddling with Holden on the bed in the mornings  without baby, eating without baby, getting dressed without baby. I'm reminding myself to appreciate all these little things that I take for granted, since I know that they will all be gone in a few more short months. Wow.  Whole. Life. About to Change. VERY SOON. So excited!!!

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