Friday, May 31, 2013

22 Weeks!

Happy effing Friday everyone! I'm so ready for the weekend. For a short holiday week, its been one heck of a long one at the office. Here's some tons of pics (my hubby was trigger happy with our camera tonight haha), at 22 weeks! Also! I'm confident that I can now celebrate being over the halfway mark! If baby is early, if baby is on time, or if baby is late. HALFWAY THROUGH. I still feel like she will come after her EDD, but we'll see what she wants to do! It's up to her, that lil punkin. Without further adu, photo evidence that I am creating a human. We had some fun with them tonight:

Starting things off right, The Profile Pic:

The Photo to send to family and baby's grandparents:

The, "Can I get Away with Grabbing my own @ss in this Pic?" Pose 

The, "I Totally Can Get Away with Grabbing my own @ss In this Pic!" Pose

This is the, "What up now, halfway through b!tches!" pose. 

And then of course the, "Oh, so this is how it feels to not vomit every morning, I had forgotten" pose.

 And of course, the mandatory dog butt bomb pic. (Love you Holden!)

Have a fun weekend everyone. We're planning on spending lots of time swimming (dogs included), and I'm excited for prenatal yoga tomorrow at my birth center. Raise your finest glass of pinot noir for me! Over and out.

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