Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I don't know if you're "supposed" to tell people your baby's name before the baby's born, but we knew immediately after getting pregnant what our names would be. That's because I couldn't stop thinking about names as soon as we found out. As my husband will tell you, I would be asleep in bed, and then pop up, wake him up and ask him if he liked this name, or that name. This went on for a few weeks. I even made a spreadsheet (nerd alert).

After weeks of brainstorming, internet searches, and even browsing a baby names book my mom sent me, we chose, Jackson for a boy, and Jocelyn for a girl. Jackson, or Jack, was partly due to the fact that we found out we were pregnant on the same day that my grandfather passed away. My mom called me that morning, after I had peed on two strips, both positive, and immediately I could hear she was crying. It was a hard day, and interesting how the circle of life works and moves forward, ending and beginning new cycles of life and change. For Jackson we knew his middle name would be Herbert, for Jason's grandpa Herb, or Michal, which is Jason's middle name. Though I would have loved to raise a little boy, and maybe we will someday as well, I'm sort of relieved we're not naming our child Jackson Michal (Micheal Jackson) or Jackson Herb - being from Nor Cal and all.

So Jocelyn it is. We are still trying to figure out the middle name, but that's one that we will probably not share and keep private. We've thought about using her birth month as her middle name (like me), but being born in October (or September, or November) seems more like a stripper name haha. We love Jocelyn already (the baby, and the name). Jocelyn as a name is particularly special to us because we don't know anyone else with that name, so its all her own. It's also a German name, so we are honoring Jason's (and my) German heritage.

So happy we're having a girl! <3 <3


  1. Jocelyn is an adorable name! So excited for you guys... My cousin had a baby the month after our grandfather died, and that baby has our grandfather's middle name as his first name. Those circles of life are important - and grow ever more important as we get older (shocking, right?!)

    Sorry for your loss, joyful for the growth of your family...

  2. Thank you Kelsi! <3 I agree, so excited for you as well!