Thursday, May 9, 2013

5 Things to NOT Do if you are Pregnant

  1. Stop mid-sentence, grab your stomach, and say, "OUCH!" when talking to your husband, and experiencing gas pains. This will really scare him.
  2. Expect people to mind your personal space, and not stare. Never going to happen.
  3. Make Zombie Baby jokes. No one will laugh but you (even if they want to), and then you'll feel really uncomfortable.
  4. Decide to eat your favorite foods, regardless if the sight and smell repulses you. It will not taste the same as you remember and only cause confusion, frustration, and if you're like me, vomit.
  5. Try to stay up past 10. Don't fight it. Not worth it.
And on that note: Another classic Pregnant Husband

Whenever my pregnant wife is out past 10 o’clock on a Friday or Saturday night.

The moment we get home, she’s like:

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