Friday, May 17, 2013

Halfway There! (Sort of)

Today I'm 20 weeks! Which means I've been pregnant for roughly 140 days, and have roughly 140 more to go. The first baby is generally always late so I'm thinking end of Oct rather than beginning. So in another couple weeks I plan to celebrate another (probably more accurate) halfway mark! Regardless, Hooray! Still no stretch marks!

In fact, since I found out, I went ahead as per a friend's recommendation (she makes and sells THIS, Stay True Organics awesome vegan tattoo cream btw), and bought some organic vegan stretch mark "preventers." I've read that regardless of how much oil you slather on, if stretch marks run in your family, its very likely you will have them too. But I live in a "bikini time 8 months of the year" city, so I want to do what I can (naturally) to try to limit belly marks. I love the way the Erbaviva Stretch Mark oil smells, and since I've been using it every night, my skin is so soft. Soft as a baby's toosh! I love it, highly recommend, as so far its done the job and even passed the smell-test during my most nauseated beginning stages (when everything - i mean everything, smelled so bad it made me wanna ralph).

 I've also been using this one, which I'm pretty sure is vegan as well, but is not 100% USDA organic like the oil. It also smells super yummy, and feels better on my skin during the day when its hot out so I've been using it in the mornings before work (unlike the oil which feels too heavy during the afternoon heat- so i put it on for while I sleep).

Jason flies back into town tonight, and I just realized that when I go to pick him up at the airport this is the first time when I won't be able to have him pick me up and twirl me around while kissing me like we always do at airports when one of us is arriving after a trip. My belly will be in the way, and after the 10lbs I've gained, I now weigh as much as my husband! haha. I'll just be so happy to kiss him! Even though I'll miss the dramatic Leo twirl and pick me up. And Zombie is totally going to freak out. Haha. Best weekend ever!


  1. Awesome recommendations! And so happy that you've got a happy homecoming on the horizon... Be well!