Monday, May 6, 2013

Photos 18+ Weeks

Its hard to keep up with the weekly photo that we planned to do, so this one's 18 weeks plus a few days. Honestly, I sort of think that there must be twins in there by the size I keep growing. Also my hair is out of control, growing so fast, and I have to cut my fingernails twice a week. Played around with some B&W this time. Zombie wanted in on the action.

Also! I felt movement again last night! It woke me up, to feel the little bubbles in there, its the weirdest coolest feeling. I know when I call them bubbles it sounds like I'm just describing gas, but its like droplets in water and doesn't hurt (like gas pains - TMI, but I have plenty of those too). I can't wait to feel them again. Yay! My lil bubbles!

1 comment:

  1. I love it....bubbles!! hey, a good name for a little baby...."Bubbles"!!!!! Sending lots of love.