Friday, May 31, 2013

Supernatural Baby

I watch, read, and write a lot of sci-fi and supernatural horror. I also consider myself a very spiritual person. I've had some supernatural, unexplained experiences in my lifetime - some I might even attribute to a spiritual level of awareness, but nothing comes close to the supernatural feeling of creating a life- IN YOUR STOMACH. Haha. Incredible.

A couple nights ago I came home after work and the house was hot from the AC being off all day, so I was just wearing some shorts and a loose crop top. I was reading on the couch, when I felt Jocelyn really moving around. I looked down at my belly and I COULD SEE HER! It was so amazing that I put down my kindle and watched my stomach move with her elbows, hands, feet, and knees (and head?) for I don't know how long. When my husband came home for work I was still doing this - just lounging on the couch, still cracking myself up (or rather she was cracking me up) while I watched all of her in utero dance moves.  So wonderfully bizarre. My lil person in there. Which made me think about dogs, and cats, and animals that have litters of babies. If one baby makes this much movement, I can only imagine all the movement of several lil babies, all dancing together like little magic jumping beans. I wonder if having twins feels anything like this? Or if  mothers of multiples can distinguish and connect with their fetuses on a level to feel each separate person in there, distinctly.

I'm really starting to feel more and more connected to Jocelyn, I see now in retrospect, that perhaps I did have the maternal intuition after all, with my dream premonition of her having a tattoo of "female" on her stomach pretty early on (and perhaps the mustache she also had is my intuiting her sense of humor, and open gender identity, -as I am plan to raise her to like whatever color she wants (not choose to cover her in head to toe pink), and I want to emphasize the value of important women in history over Disney princesses). I have dreams about her telling me how much she wants to meet Holden and Zombie (our dogs) - and some, where she comes out and they cover her in kisses which makes her laugh like crazy. I also notice how when I'm awake and near our dogs or talking to them, I really feel her moving, like she wants to get out and play with them already! Haha, no interest yet in our cats, but I've noticed they have been extra cuddly around my belly. Especially my black cat Molly.

I haven't asked any of my tarot decks about Jocelyn yet, because I haven't really had any questions I felt were important to get advanced insight into yet. I could ask about how her birth will go, but the more I read, and the more I feel in tune with my body, the more I trust whatever will happen to happen, and that keeping a  loving positive attitude about everything will be the most important for her, for me, and for Jason (though he's told me he's starting his hand workouts now to prepare for  when I will be gripping them in a bone-crushing  manner haha). And speaking of her birthday, chances are she will be a Libra, a perfect air sign to balance my husband's fire, and my earth. I can't wait to do her full star chart, and find out her moon and rising! A few years ago, when I had a couple's astrology session with a previous boss, she read our charts together and told us that we were going to have, "The Christ Child." All along, I thought that must have been our Zombie girl (afterall, she did come back from the dead with her journey of finally finding us). But like any parent wants to believe, I think that my Jocelyn girl is also destined to do some great things.


  1. Hi Tyler! Great blog you have going here. Love the pictures of the belly!! Since you said you haven't consulted your tarot, I decided to draw one card each from my three decks for you, Rider Waite (past), Mother Peace (present), and Enchanted Tarot (future). I picked King of Swords, 7 of Wands, and 3 of Hearts. Of course intellect, ideas and daydreams are strong in you, in the past as well as now. But I'm sensing that it may be time to put your struggles and judgments aside for a bit as you concentrate on bringing this new life into being. I love that Wands is in your present, because that corresponds to the element of Fire, which is associated with passion, creativity, and action. You certainly have those in abundance! My favorite of the three is the 3 of Hearts (your future family of three). 3 Hearts is "Celebration!" Joy! Creativity! Happiness! You will be surrounded by supportive friends. This card, from my Enchanted Tarot, comes with an Enchantment that reads: Gather together a group of your dearest friends for an afternoon tea party. Serve a delicious cake or some of your most mouthwatering cookies. Discuss joyful, creative and healing ideas only, allowing no disharmonious subjects to mar the tone of the gathering. Listen to some beautiful music. Lift your tea cups and salute each other with this pledge: "Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again. The dance of life's more pleasing since I have you for my friend."

  2. Thank you Aunty! :) Great cards, and yes, I agree that i need to re-sheath my sword, bask in my current passions, creative pursuits and take action now! Three of hearts couldn't be any greater (though technically 7 of hearts encompasses the whole tribe in our house, but the three humans will most certainly celebrate our new beginning with creativity and joy!) I have my baby shower planned for end of July, I haven't decided on food- but I already know I want to have a vegan cake (or cupcakes), but I like the idea of making it a tea party! Perfecto! <3 love and miss you so much xoxoox thanks for reading. :)