Friday, August 30, 2013

Gramma Jill's Flight Booked!

Just got my mom iten' today for her flight out to Austin this October through beginning of November. SO EXCITED to have my mom out here!!! Grandma Duty! This will be her 10th grandchild, so she knows the routine by now. I know I'm far from this being the kind of excitement of her first grandchild's arrival, but Jocelyn will be her first for double-digit Gramma status! So there's excitement in that for sure! And I'm sure I will be in excellent love and care, I love you mom!

Yoga last night with Sara, the new teacher was really small, just 3 of us there, which was kind of nice. It's definitely a harder class to get to, being that its at 7:30 (rather than 7) so my motivation to leave the house by that time after work is battling with my strong urge to take off all my clothes & makeup and lay on the couch until bedtime. I did force myself out, and it was worth it! (I know if I don't feel like going to yoga, that's when I need to get myself to go the most)! She's also subbing for Cat this weekend, and then I'm going to miss Cat's class the next two Tuesdays for the doggy Bringing Home Baby session with our dog trainers, then my cloth diapering class at the birth center... I'm gonna miss her! But so happy there's the Thursday class so I can still get my practice in at least twice a week, and having Sara also means there's a sub now for Cat when she needs some time off. She's also a student midwife, and on call half the week delivering babies. A real super woman! Sara is really cool too, and has a 9 month baby whom she delivered at the birth center. She also started teaching the post natal classes that I will be in, soon enough! so I'm looking forward to getting to know her better too. I'm glad she works us- its a more active class, not all just restorative. Which I appreciate!

So excited to have Monday off! Been really starting to get more tired at work these days...

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