Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Still  having incredibly vivid dreams, and last night with the full Blue/Red/Green Moon I really had some weird ones. It was a strong full moon, so I'm glad I remembered to charge my crystals! Especially my large chunk of moonstone and adventurine that I plan to take with me in my birthing bag for laboring.

So my weirdest dream, starred Jocelyn. I was in some small convenience store seemingly in the middle of New Mexico (there were tumble weeds and lots of sand outside the window) when I went into labor, and had to deliver right there in their back store room closet. It was really quick, and there was no time to call Jason, so he couldn't be there for the birth.

After I had her, the oddest part was that I had given birth to a fully clothed 12 year old girl. She was petite for her age (age being 12) probably only 3 feet tall, but proportionate, and she could walk, talk, and was even wearing chipped gold nail polish. I was in such disbelief that this was my daughter, and everyone told me, "I know, isn't it incredible! You made a new life!" And I just couldn't believe she was mine... haha. So odd. She had some great conversations though, and we sure did get along.

Perhaps my intuition is reminding me to slow down and appreciate every moment, because she will grow up before I know it.

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