Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Yoga Yoga Yoga!

I'm so excited for yoga tonight. I had to skip last Saturday's class to take Holden into the vet's because he's started limping again. We have his acupressure lady (more like wizard!) coming over to our house tomorrow night to do another treatment, cold laser, and massage for him, but we also set up a consult with Dr. Hulse who she recommended for surgery, and our vet's called in his xrays :( Our poor big red dog, and his poor big red arthritic hips, and he's not even  3 years old yet. We love you Holden Houdini, sending healing thoughts to you big bub.

Though skipping yoga was much needed to take the cosmically aligned last minute open Saturday vet appointment, missing one of Cat's classes made me really appreciate all she and her classes do for me, my baby and all of us Austin Women who attend. Since I'm also inching closer and closer to full term, just in case I go into early labor, I wanted to be sure to thank her before baby arrives and I completely forget. So tonight I have a little gift bag that I will bring her, with some treats from my work's retail shop. She's always writing in her journal before class starts so I got her one of these milagros journals:

And then I also put a couple other little magical goodies in her bag too, the heart is the size of the palm of your hand, comes in a little red velvet bag and has a magical sounding bell that rings inside when you shake it. The other is a Turkish Evil Eye, that's meant to ward off evil and offer protection:

I also had some of these left over from my baby shower, so I threw one of my tea bag lavender sachets that I made and wrote her a lil thank you card for doing all that she does for us pregnant ladies at AABC. I'm so grateful that she started the Yoga Program, and honestly have no idea how anyone can go through pregnancy without. So much love! Excited for class tonight, to let go of stresses, stretch, strengthen and breathe.

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