Saturday, August 31, 2013

35 weeks

New pics... Mama's getting big. Papa wanted to try something a lil more creative this time with the mirror, I like how they turned out, though hard to see the girth of this big belly so I included the others too.

Also, hair freshly cut by baby's god mama Chenoh... My hair was almost down to my butt, and the bangs I've had since 2001, are officially grown out. Sort of enjoying not having bangs, but the real reason I got rid of them is because I would just have to cut them too often to keep up with their speedy growth. I'm also, really hoping my hair doesn't all start to fall out in clumps after I have the baby (which can happen to new moms with the hormone changes - and isn't talked about much but pretty common actually)... If it does, I'm lucky to have a great stylist, and know that it will grow back if I do lose a lot. Honestly, as long as I can keep up with my supply of milk, I'm not too concerned how I'll look those first few months haha (apologies in advance papa J- not that you've ever made me feel like I had to put on a glamor show for you to make me feel beautiful when we're together, I love you! ).

I also want to include a majorly HUGE thank you to Grammy Pam and Grandpa Mike for our subscription to the Diaper Squad cloth diapering service! This is a huge gift, that will help us out in these first few months with baby, so much more than we probably even realize just yet. And we already feel such a weight lifted from our role of new parents, not having to deal with washing or running out of clean diapers. It means so much! We love you and can't wait for your visit next March to meet your newest family member! Tons of family play time, holdies, and kisses. Thank you so much, feeling so loved.

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