Thursday, August 8, 2013

I've been starting to feel my energy boost from my second trimester slowly dwindling. Little things are starting to feel more strenuous and take more of my effort to accomplish. From standing up off the couch (whoa center of balance! haha), to walking from my car to the grocery store in the heat.

For the most part I still feel pretty good, regardless of it being the middle of the Texas summer. I'm still able to work my full time shifts, take my afternoon lunch walk over to whole foods (though I now pee before I leave, once I get there... eat my lunch, pee again, walk back and then pee at the office), then sit in my fan full blast and drink more ice water I carry with me every day in one of my two thermoses.

Last week I met with my bosses and we discussed my work schedule, and I proposed to use my PTO time, rather than make up my missing hours from my centering meetings, and they said they think that actually works better for them too (ha, of course). It is quite a relief to not have to power through long days without breaks to make up that time, and considering I usually work more than 40 hours a week anyway, I don't even really need to work any extra to still meet their scheduling needs. So awesome! No more "hell weeks" each time my appointments come around.

We also went over the insurance options once I take my maternity leave, which is so ridiculously expensive. Its good to know that I have the option to stay with them, and their plan if I choose to, but I could really find so much better pricing if I went off on my own and looked for myself- which we might do, or depending, might add me to Jason's plan, or at least Jocelyn. What's also great, is that they told me that I would be covered for October, which is one less stress on my shoulders. They also said that if I feel like I need to, once October comes around if I want to go hourly, rather than salary, and cut back on my hours, I only need to work 30 hours to keep my insurance. Totally awesome! I'm helping them find and hire my replacement, and hoping to find someone sooner rather than later, so I can also help with their training before I leave.

Anyway, feeling good, and just trying to stay cool. Yesterday it got up to 106, and with humidity the index was 109. But yesterday also marked the middle day of the summer, so now we on our way OUT of summer (too bad summer lasts until winter in Texas haha). Still, feeling good overall, and the one great thing about being the biggest and most pregnant during a Texas summer? Swimming! There is no feeling greater than swimming with a big big pregnant belly in the cold springs under some hot sun.

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