Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Braxton Hicks

My Braxton Hicks have started. Yesterday I kept getting these strong side aches, that felt like a stitch in my side as if I just ran a mile after downing a bottle of water too quickly. It was a full on side ache, that I thought was weird to have first thing in the morning, then it went away, and came back several hours later at work.

I brought it up in yoga, when we go around the room and say our name, how many weeks we are and what's been going on with our bodies, and Cat told me, "Sounds like you've started having Braxton Hicks contractions," I was so excited to hear this haha. "Oh! That's what those are! YES! So excited!" Its getting closer and closer, and my body is getting ready for the main event. Baby is also already pointing head down (hasn't dropped yet though), and I'm still waking up with leaky boobs, so my milk is also getting ready to feed my lil one. The body is an amazing thing!

And speaking of, yoga was incredible. Of course! This time a couple dads showed up (only one stayed), which was cool to have some partners join us mamas as well. Cat was so touched that I brought her a lil gift bag, I can't wait to hear how she liked everything in there for her next class I go to on Saturday (before my haircut with Chenoh!) Some exciting weeks coming up, and I also just found out that my office is going to be closed on Monday for labor day after all (though I was told it is not an official holiday - so they might not pay me - though I'm salary... so we'll see). Whatever, will be great to have a day off! I haven't taken any off since Christmas when my mom was here in Austin.

I'm using another day of PTO the following Monday for my own appointments with the midwives, but also so I can take Holden in for his appoint with the orthopedic surgeon. Tonight Christina is coming over to give his acupressure therapy, so hopefully that will help him in the meantime. This surgery is going to have to happen sooner than we had planned, and will set us back with our debts that we've been trying so hard to get on top of before baby's here... but he's one of our babies too, and at least there is a good payment plan option at Dr. Hulse's office... we'll know more after our consult in a couple weeks. Sending lots of love to our Houdini boy.

Thursday I will have the first yoga class with the new teacher (last week I was too tired after work and didn't go). Looking forward to it! Not sure if it will be more strengthening, stretching, mellow, or what... but I really liked meeting the instructor when she was at one of Cat's classes a week ago, and anything to get me out of my head and really into my body embracing all my internal changes for an hour is what the doctor ordered!

Other than that, I feel pretty good. Sleep is still more and more uncomfortable, my nausea is back almost in full force when it was at its worst in the 1st trimester, but I'm powering through. We've had a couple cooler days (mid 80s) that have been teasing me with autumn's arrival, but tomorrow supposed to be back into the 100+ temps again... Appreciating every moment as an experience all my own, and looking to the future with excitement and love in my heart (and reminding myself that gagging every morning is only temporary). Yoga helps keep me balanced as well, mind, body, soul! Sending love out to the universe for me, my baby, and all my loved ones near and far.

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