Friday, August 16, 2013

Interesting Articles Read Today

Here are two articles that I read today that I found really interesting, and worthy of reposting on my blog:

Why are American's Postpartum Practices so Rough on New Mothers?
This article discusses how in the states woman are taken care of and given attention during pregnancy, but as soon as the baby is born all attention and care are immediately redirected to the baby, and the woman is expected to immediately bounce back - to receiving visitors, go back to work, clean house, be in shape again (mind, body, and soul) immediately after delivery. There are no shocks here, especially when it comes to woman's healthcare and maternity benefits (or lack thereof) in this country, but a really interesting read to give some insight and fuel to the discussion of nurturing new mothers, just as much as new baby as she takes her time to recover from her labor.


For Whites (Like Me) On White Kids
This article discusses how teaching your white children the empty blanket phrase, "We are all equal" when questions about race are brought up- doesn't actually have any substance or help make progress against racism. Really interesting read, and something to keep in mind, when raising my own child - to truly be loving and accepting of others, and celebrate individuality and differences, as valid identities, rather than blow them off without further thought.

And also another beautiful photo shared on The Skeptical Mother's facebook page, of a hospital water birth. This is so gorgeous, had to share as well!

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