Friday, August 16, 2013

On My Mind

Wow, only 7 more weeks until my EDD. Time's sure ticking by! Since I've recently realized how I am completely a "Type A" personality (I always previously attributed my "Type A" traits as "Nerd Traits"), I'm okay to announce how much making lists relaxes me. So here we go, This is what my mind looks like right now:

  • Get through the work day, Friday is finally here! Feeling pretty tired, a sleepless week
  • Hope for more rain today! Last night was awesome, I love all this weather in the 80s.
  • Lunch break- Call Chenoh's salon to book time for a trim. Hair is so long, grows so fast these days! Only a few Saturdays left before my due date, better book now!
  • Yoga tomorrow morning
  • See if I have enough $ in my budget for a pedi (can no longer reach my own toes to polish)
  • Costco run, all out of frozen fruit/berries for morning kale smoothies (as of this morning)
  • Track my breast pump that was ordered earlier this week
  • Go over finances.
  • Drop off two returns to the UPS store.
  • go to Tesoros to cash in my store credit and buy beads for my centering group and their labor necklaces, also pick out something (or browse for something) to get for Cat the yoga instructor
  • find/buy some cord for my own labor necklace, already receiving some beautiful blessings (will share here soon after all are collected)
  • Write the last couple thank you notes that I haven't written yet, mail.
  • Mow the backyard
  • Cut Jason's hair
  • Next week new Yoga class up North, Thursday nights at 7:30, yay another weekly after work sesh!
  • Don't forget, 9/3 "Bringing Home Baby" dog training session at home with Tara and our dogs, to help properly introduce Jocelyn to our other "babies."
  • 9/10 Cloth Diapering Class after work at North Center. Go there straight after work, have Jason feed dogs that night.
  • 9/21 Birth in a Nut Shell 3-4 hour class with Jason, go to the class after morning yoga.
  • 9/26 (one week before due date), go to my eyelash Tint Appointment with Stacey (gotta look good for labor day in the birth tubs). 
  • Call about Baby CPR class, and sign up (also for choking hazard training on infants).


  1. Hilarious link to type A personalities! haha! what a bunch of whacky nerds we are! poor Jocelyn! She'll probably be a type B in self-defense!

  2. Haha, I know mom, right? Luckily Jason has impressively retained a lot of the laid back Santa Cruz dude mentality through the years, so hopefully we will be balanced out enough for her to take what she needs from us, and not feel overpowered by a house full of Type As haha. No matter what, she'll be one of us, and whacky in her own ways I'm sure... I can't wait to meet her!!!!